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My Education

  • I Start School

    I Start School
    When I started school, I loved to play with my friends, but at the same time, I never liked to share stuff as I was an only child. I would push and poke the other kids, and my parents would see me in a chair in corner of the room, and my parents would always get complaints from my teacher and from my classmates. As I got used to school, I became more open to the idea of sharing. Outside of school, I had a best friend, and we would always go out and play together after school in parks and fields!
  • Grade 1

    Grade 1
    Grade one was the first year of my school career. To be honest, it was my least favourite year, because I would get bullied a lot. One time, I even got punched in the stomach by a second grader! One day, I had asked a girl to play with me, and she had said that she didn’t want to play with brown girls. Luckily, I had a very kind teacher, and so that made up for the bullying. I learned a lot and I loved to read and my favourite thing to do in school was read. I also loved to play with my friends.
  • Grade 2

    Grade 2
    Grade two I also had a lot of drama. There was this girl, and she thought I was bullying her, and I thought she bullied me! We would fight about everything from the hoola-hoops on the walls to the who’s smarter!! Aside from that, I loved reading so much, and I would read so much that my parents would get tired of it! I also used to play a lot with my friends at parks and I loved making new friends. I also self taught myself to do a cartwheel, and every time we went to a park, I would practice!!!
  • Grade 3

    Grade 3
    In grade three, I changed schools from Sidney Ledson Institute to Rippleton Public School. It was a new change, and my new school was very different from my old one. Luckily I was very friendly and made friends very quickly! I used to love English. On the last day of school before the Winter Break, I remember our teacher telling us that we would be back to school in 3 weeks, but instead, Covid hit, and I never went back to school and school didn’t start again online for 3 months! I was very sad.
  • Grade 4

    Grade 4
    In grade four, I moved back to India after staying in Canada for almost 10 years before that. I did a little bit of fourth grade in Canada, but I moved to India, and joined the school CIS, or Canadian International School. I joined in the middle of Semester One, and they had done a lot of school work before I joined, so I had a lot of work to catch up on. I caught up on most of the things I missed, and I started to make a few friends, but it was hard to keep them because everything was online!!!
  • Swimming With Sharks

    Swimming With Sharks
    On my ninth birthday, we took a cruise to a small island near Dominican Republic, and there was a very deep pool that we went in that had tiger sharks sleeping at the bottom, and there were stingrays that we touched and swam with as well. One of the men that can with us to instruct us, went and touched one of the sleeping tiger sharks!! Thankfully, nothing happened to him. After that, I also swam with dolphins and fed the dolphins fish. My mom was so scared, and she held my arm the entire time!!
  • Grade 5

    Grade 5
    After a long wait, in grade five, we finally got back to campus and stopped online learning!! If we hadn’t, I would have started to think everyone was just head and shoulders! I was incredibly happy once people got back to school, because I missed being in school so much. I was also very excited because the campus was so big, and it was one of the biggest schools I have ever been to! I made quite a lot of friends, and every time I would think about me being in school, I would smile so brightly!!
  • Learning Guitar

    Learning Guitar
    During grade five, I started learning guitar in Prashanth’s Guitar Academy. I already loved music, and I loved to sing, so my parents put me for guitar to accompany my voice. By the end of grade five, I had learned so much, and my guitar teacher said I was a very, very fast learner! According to him, in one year, I had started to learn the third year syllabus! I absolutely love playing guitar, and I love going to my lessons, and I also love creating my very own songs, and putting lyrics to them!
  • My First Time Snorkeling

    My First Time Snorkeling
    The first time I went snorkeling, I was on my winter break for sixth grade! We went to Bali, Indonesia, and we went snorkeling. I absolutely love water, and so naturally, I went in the water. The water was pretty rocky, and my parents didn’t get in the water, but I did, and I saw beautiful fish, and coral! Soon after we got out of the first site, my dad saw a dolphin jumping out of the water! We went to three other snorkeling sites. My favorite was the third one because there was so much to see!
  • Grade 6

    Grade 6
    Grade six was my first year in middle school, and I’ll admit, I was really nervous and excited at the same time. I was really excited about meeting my friends, and making new ones, but I also had first day jitters.(Who doesn’t?) My jitters went away pretty quickly, because I am really friendly, I made new friends immediately!! Middle school was different to elementary because we had only four classes per day, but they were incredibly long. We also have to study more, and we have a lot of tests!