My Change Agent Project

  • Called My Small Group Leader Stephen Hong

    I called my small group Intervarsity Leader, Stephen Hong, to set up a day where we can talk and discuss some questions for this project.
  • Met Up with Stephen Hong

    We met up at the student center and we talked about his beliefs and philosophies on teaching. We talked about his influences and how he influences others. Also, we talked about how he felt that he was acontribution to education.
  • The Interview

    We began with the First Question
    1. What is your family and education background?
    He said, "I am a korean with a high school diploma and BA in psychology.
  • Topic 2

    We talked about the first question then moved on to the next question.
    2. What is your occupation and what do you do at NIU?
    He said, "I am a campus staff minister with intervarsity christian fellowship and I work with NIU students to train and empower them to become a more faithful and strong Christian."
  • Topic 4

    What are your philosophies or ways of teaching when you teach us at IV or small group?
    "My philosophy of teaching is simple. I teach out of the bible believing that it has authority over anyone. Then I live out what it says to become a model christian to my students. I further help them to apply the principles of the scripture in their lives and do what the bible teaches us to do with them."
  • Topic 5

    What inspires you to teach about god and how do think you inspire others?
    "What inspires me to teach about God is the fact that he is all about being in a relationship with me first. God is not a royalty that sits far above in heaven and just watches us. If you read the bible carefully, you begin to see how active God is in pursuing after his people. The fact that I see this played out in my own life inspires me to do the same to the people who do not know him as well."
  • Topic 6

    If you could start over would you pick the same career or choose another?
    "If I could start over, I would pick the same career. I love what I do everyday. "
  • Topic 7

    What are some of your biggest achievements in life?
    "I would say that one of my biggest achievements in life is finishing high school and college. When I first came to the states, I didn't know a lot of english, and I had to face many challenges academically and culturally."
  • Topic 8

    Do you think you are successful and what do you think it means to be successful?
    "Yes, I believe that I am successful. I think being successful is not about making money, being famous, etc. If my success was found in that, I would be so discouraged since I would have so much pressure to achieve all of those goals. I know I am successful because I know who I am. I am a child of God who was saved by Jesus Christ and by his grace."
  • Topic 3

    1. Do you think your occupation makes a contribution to your community? "My occupation does make a contribution to the community, because one of the core values of being a Christian is to see beyond oneself and see other people's needs. By raising up more quality leaders of the community, they will give back to the community by loving and helping other students to grow in their personal development and to overcome obstacles in their lives."
  • Topic 9,10

    Who were the biggest contributors to your success in life?
    "My parents' and grandparents' devout faith in God were the biggest contributors to my success in life. They helped me to see what is more important in life."
    What would be the most important thing you would tell a young person?
    "The most important thing I would tell a young person is to follow Jesus Christ with their whole heart."
  • My Reflections

    I really loved doing this assignment, because I got to interview a person that I look up to and is a great influence in my life. Interviewing Stephen was a really fun experience because he is such a cool guy and really open to any questions that I had. He had no problems talking to me or being open about his philosophies on teaching.