My 2012 Summer

  • Last Day of School

    Last Day of School
    It was the last day of my 7th grade year. We palyed kick-ball. we lost a few games. I hung out with my friend Sam.
  • Risefest!

    We went to Risefest in Sheldon. We got to listen to different bands. One of the bands (Remedy Drive) came to Hawarden. We played some of the games there. We even got to meet one of the bands. They were from New Zeland. Their band was called Rapture Ruckus.
  • JD's Baseball game

    JD's Baseball game
    We went to Moville (where my older brother goes to school) to watch his baseball game. But when we got there we found out the game was cancelled because the other team didnt show up. It was the same team that didnt show up the year before.
  • Falls Park

    Falls Park
    We went to Falls Park. It was a very hot day there. A kid was playing between some rocks and bashed his head. My mom got scared when a ground squiral ran out from some rocks.
  • Fireworks

    After we got back from Sioux Falls we went to Lemars to watch fireworks.
  • Olympics

    We watched the olympics. I was excited everytime team U.S.A won gold. Watching the girl olympians made me want to try different sports.My mom got pretty annoying because she would yell at the T.V telling the U.S.A swimmers to go faster.
  • Going to Omaha

    Going to Omaha
    We left for Omaha. It was a long trip. It was a good thing I brought my computer. We got their late.