Pineapple headphones

Musical Journey

  • First Record Player

    First Record Player
    I received my first record player for Christmas in the early 80s. I received the record of Eddie Rabbits I love the Rainy Nights.
  • Cassette Tape

    Cassette Tape
    Cassette tapes were new and I had a love-hate relationship with them. So many hours were spent rewinding the tape with a pencil.
  • Tape Player

    Tape Player
    I received the first tape player I would sit in front of the radio for hours and wait for a song to come on and hit record so that I could hear the song over and over again.
  • BOOM-box

    Changed my life I could walk around with my 10 C batteries and hear music where ever I wanted.
  • My Own Piece of Heaven

    My Own Piece of Heaven
    I received a walkman that I could walk around with my tape and listen with my headphones. The little itchy cover on the headphones fell off and was a big pain.
  • CD

    CDs were life-changing. No more rewinding and fixing with your pencil. Just slide them in and you were good to go. You could pick the number of your favorite songs and listen over and over again with the touch of a button. Not to mention the CD club I joined for 14.99 and each month would get 3 CDs of my choice by mail.
  • Skip a beat

    Skip a beat
    The CD walkman was amazing. Skip, repeat you name it. Just don't bounce or move too hard or your Disc scratches and you skip your song. I loved plugging this into the radio of my car with a tape and hearing the songs through the speakers.
  • The Apple doesn't fall from the radio

    The Apple doesn't fall from the radio
    Itunes and an IPOD with a wheel. To maneuver to all the different songs that I wanted to hear. I could pick songs from any artist and add them to my list. It took a while to download, after going to the store and adding it to my list.
  • Next generation Apple

    Next generation Apple
    I updated to the 7th generation Apple IPOD and it had a touch screen. WOW
  • What Chord

    What Chord
    Chordless earphones take over the world. No chords to tie you to your phone you can freely walk around.
  • Little Airbuds

    Little Airbuds
    Life-changing headphones that sit in your ears. If you wear your hair down or a hoodie then your teacher doesn't even know you have them in. Just don't bounce to high or they will fall out and your music stops.
  • Alexa play

    Alexa play
    When I am at home I just ask my good friend Alexa to play me 90s country or BTS and clean to my heart's content.
  • Apple Music Say what

    Apple Music Say what
    I pay a small fee and can listen to anyone that I want whenever I want. EXCEPT Garth Brooks
  • The latest and greatest

    The latest and greatest
    I now currently hop on my phone and use my apple airpod sports and listen to Apple Music or Radio with my favorite artists. I use the noise-canceling options and live in my own world.