Moving on up

  • Period: to


    The 5th grade school year.
  • August

    In August we did the Introduction to 5th grade, we started edmodo, we started IXL, we got our digital drivers license, and we did our digital citizenship.It was our start of 5th grade.
  • September

    In September we did picture day, we started tenmarks, and we made our personal avatar.
  • October

    In October we did our first Social Studies Buddies, we had technology day, and we had our science pre-test.
  • November

    In November we started our websites, had a Lake Pleasent meeting, and we had our Solar System final.
  • December

    In December we had Cookie Day, we had Lego Day, we did our DBQ's, we did our graphic design, and we did our Murally Project.
  • January

    In January we did our Murally presentation, we went to Lake Pleasent, and we did our website checklist.
  • February

    In February we did our first grade check, and we added information to our website, and we did our reading log A.
  • March

    In March we started our Gravity Crusiers, we did our JA Biztown computer vault sign up, and we did our reading log F.
  • April

    In April we went to JA Biztown, we did AIM's, we did the Railroad Race, and we did our DBQ's.