Moms Lifeline of Events

  • Birthdate

    Was born on October 28th, 1974.
  • Vacation

    Went to see Mount Rushmore with family
  • New Cat

    New Cat
    My Moms brother, Toby, found a cat outside of their church and decided to take it home, and named the cat Gracie.
  • California Trip

    California Trip
    Her dad took her to California and she went to San Diego, San Fransico, and they toured the Alcatraz Island, one of the best trips.
  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis

    Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Her mom was diagnosed with stage four terminal Breast Cancer, which was a very unfourtunate event that will never be forgotten with my Moms twin, her other sister, and her older brother, also the whole family, and friends.
  • Mothers Death

    Mothers Death
    Her mother died of Breast Cancer at the age of 44.
  • Graduation

    The day my mother graduated from her High School.
  • Moving Out

    Moving Out
    My mother moved out of the house to her own apartment to start a new life by herself.
  • Daughter Born

    Daughter Born
    This day was when Brooke was born (me.).
  • Marriage

    My mother got married, and I was the flower girl at her wedding. I was very excited to be the flower girl!
  • Brother was born

    Brother was born
    My brother Ryan Mitchell was born on this day, I was in Kindergarten on this very day.
  • New House

    New House
    We bought a new house, my whole family was very excited about this.