Missions To Mars!

Timeline created by nathan#1
  • Mars 1

    Mars 1
    The Mars 1 was scedualed to land on Mars but lost contact with it as it missed Mars be 11,000km.
  • First to touch Mars

    First to touch Mars
    The Sputnik 24 was the first rover to touch the planet. How ever, it did crash into Mars. It didn't land.
  • The Viking 1

    The Viking 1 landed on Mars and lost contact after taking 1521 photo's of four spots, on November 13, 1982,
  • The Viking 2

    The Viking two, the Viking 1's twin robot, The Viking 2 Lander ended communications on April 11, 1980, after transmitting over 1400 images of the two sites.
  • The Parth Finder

    The Parth Finder
    The Mars path finder ( a rover) land and explores Mars for one mounth before misteriously disapearing on the 27th of December, that same year.
  • The Mars Polar lander

    The Mars Polar lander
    The Mars Polar lander was a failed experement. NASA miss judged the gravitational pul and crashed into mars.
  • The Odyssay

    The Odyssey, an orbiting space craft, was sent to Mars to determine the composition of the planet's surface.
  • The Poenix

    The Poenix
    On the 25th of July, the Phenix landed on Mars. The Phenix was the most expensive and amazing machines that had ever been sent to Mars. Unfortunatly, NASA lost contact with it and it is some were on Mars.
  • Spirit

    The spirit is still roving Mars although it has lost one of six wheels.
  • Opportunity

    The Opportunity has searched over 10km of Mars and is still up and running.