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  • 7.2 Exosystem

    7.2 Exosystem
    My parents had neighbors that were constantly yelling at their child and spanking him for every little thing. They could hear yelling through the wall and their child being spanked with a belt. They were very concerned for the child and vowed to never spank me with a belt and only spank with their hands if I was really bad. I got spanked very few times as a child because of that event. My parents said they didn't want to end up like their next door neighbors.
  • Birth

  • 2.4 Apgar

    2.4 Apgar
    I looked for good respirtory effeort such as good crying and coughing. I also looked at his muscle tone. He had a lot of active motion. The doctor checked his heartbeat and if it was over 100 I would give him a rating of 2. He had a vigorous cry which shows good reflex responsivity. His color was completely pink so I would give him a rating of 2. The doctor checked his bottom, weight, temperature, and measured his whole body.
  • 4.2 First Word

    4.2 First Word
    My first word was mom. This is definitely a nominal word because I was with my mom most of the time while my dad was at work. Obviously my mom is very important to me and I'm sure she asked me to say her name over and over. I was displaying referential style because I was only using nominal words. The next word I said was dad. I spent the most time with them and they were the most important people in my life. (They still are) :)
  • 6.1 Basic Emotion

    6.1 Basic Emotion
    I remember when I wouldn't get my way I would angry cry. I let my parents know I wasn't happy with them saying no even though it was a wrong way to communicate. When I would angry cry I would get the thing I was crying about. It became a pattern that eventually was broken. I am on only child and adopted so my parents wanted to give me everything. My needs were met by angry crying, but later on I would vocalize what I wanted and why I wanted it.
  • 5.1 Kohlberg and Gender

    5.1 Kohlberg and Gender
    I would say that Parker is about 2 ½ or 3 years old. She understands gender identity, but not gender stability. She understands that a person is male or female, but not that a person is a boy or girl. Parker is just starting to “divide the world” (pg 477) I don’t think Parker understands that gender identity does not change over time. She will soon gain the knowledge of gender stability.
  • 4.1 Memory

    4.1 Memory
    My earliest memory is when I was in preschool. I remember sitting down at a table with my green lunch box eating cereal.The cereal was almond cruch. This is an autobiographical memory. I was 3 when this event occured. According to the book ,talking with our parents about past events can help memories arise. I did talk to my parents a lot about preschool and my routines in what I ate and where I ate.
  • 2.1 Passive Gene Environment Correlation

    2.1 Passive Gene Environment Correlation
    My mom loves to read and is very good at spelling. Ever since I can remember, my mom would play word games with me and I always had to read books. My parents created an environment for me to become good at spelling and good at reading. This is definitely an example of a passive gene. I myself don't really like reading, but I am good at it and it helped me through school. I was always ahead of my class because of the environment my parents created.
  • 6.1 Baisc or Self Concious Emotions

    6.1 Baisc or Self Concious Emotions
    I remember when I wouldn't get my way I would angry cry. I let my parents know I wasn't happy with them saying no even though it was a wrong way to communicate. When I would angry cry I would get the thing I was crying about. It became a pattern that eventually was broken. I am on only child and adopted so my parents wanted to give me everything. My needs were met by angry crying, but later on I would vocalize what I wanted and why I wanted it.
  • 6.2 Self Control

    6.2 Self Control
    When I was about 2 years old I would not exercise delay of gratification. My mom says I would get candy at the store and she would tell me to wait until after dinner to eat it, but I would sneak it and eat it in my room before dinner. My intentional strategy was to place the candy right in front of me until I couldn't take it anymore.
  • 1.2 Theories

    1.2 Theories
    I gave my life to Jesus. This would support Bronfrenbenner. I was raised in a Christian home and I got a lot of my values and beliefs from my parents. I didn't know anything different. The nurture theorist would say that my environment shaped who I am and who I am becoming. Most decisions I make are based on my religious beliefs. I also take into consideration how my parents respond and react to things. This is what he believed to be true.
  • 3.1 Preoperational Magnetism

    3.1 Preoperational Magnetism
    At this stage the child understands semiotic function. They can let one object stand in for another. I would use a dog and a dog bone. Most children know that dogs like bones. The dog is attracted to the bone and when the dog and bone meet the dogs mouth becomes stuck around it and then it is very hard to pull them apart. I could use egocentrism to my advantage because the child already has their own perspective about the dog and most children will already have that picture in their mind.
  • 6.3 Foreclosure

    6.3 Foreclosure
    I was brought up in a presbytarian home which is a sect of Christianity. I never knew any different and was never given the opportunity to explore other religions or sects of Christianity. My parents believed so I believed. I didn't even know there were other religions out there for a long time. I was only exposed to my church and my parents beliefs. Similar to Brinfrenbenners theory, my microsystem influenced exactly what I believed and valued.
  • 7.1 Parental Strategies

    7.1 Parental Strategies
    My parent's displayed the control theory. If I reached my parents upper limits, I would get harsher punishment each time I wouldn't listen. Even when I reached my parent's lower limits they would coach me and promise a reward. They also described that I had committed complianc when I was little. I was very active and imitated my parents all the time. I didn't get punished very often because I complied pretty fast because I knew the consequences.
  • 2.3 Evocative Gene Environment Correlation

    2.3 Evocative Gene Environment Correlation
    An example of evocative gene is spelling. When I was in elementary school I loved spelling. Like I said in my previous post, my mom would always play word games with me, but I also had a passion for spelling. My teachers could tell because I would correct their spelling on the board and kids in my class would always ask me for help spelling words. My teacher helped me enroll in a spelling bee and I won. My teacher also got special books and sctivities to help further my spelling capabilites.
  • 8.1 Children and Television

    8.1 Children and Television
    The first show I remember comprehending was inspector gadget. I thought it was a funny show, but it had a message to it. I probably couldn't remember the explicit content, but I did have scrip-based knowledge. I knew there was bad guys and bad guys got punished. I knew that cartoons were fantasy, but I knew that there were police officers in real life. I was starting to seperate and television and real life.
  • 7.4 Friendship

    7.4 Friendship
    The first time I met Sarah we hit it off right away. We were in second grade and she asked, "Do you want to play house?" I said yes and from then on we were best friends. We had similar intrests and could trust each other with secrets. We provided support for one another and chose to work through little arguments. We cultivated our friendship and are still close today. The more we found things we had in common the closer we got.
  • 1.3 Data

    1.3 Data
    It would be important to collect data on their food choices. In 1995 I was in fifth grade and I think that this is an important age to ask children. I would want to conduct a survey and list ten questions on it. It would include a questionaire, questions would range from what time they eat, do they eat breakfast, do they eat vegetables, how much do they exercise, etc. I think it is important to look at these results and see if they could shed some insight if the child might become obese.
  • 2.2 Active Gene Environment Correlation

    2.2 Active Gene Environment Correlation
    An example of an active gene would be learning to play the piano. Both of my parents do not play the piano, but I always wanted to learn. I would spend hours and hours practicing. This is something I wanted to get really good at. I enjoyed playing and seeing myself get better each time I played. My parents supported me and allowed me to get piano lessons and perform at recitals.
  • 5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas

    5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas
    I was exposed to same-sex schema in 3rd grade. During art time the class would split and the boys would go with my male teacher and the girls went with my female teacher. The boys would build things with blocks, legos, and explored outside. The girls painted, colored, and got introduced to sewing. In 1st grade the teacher tsaid that girls play with dolls during free-time not boys. That was a classroom rule. This same-sex/opposite sex cognitive structure was reinforced by my teacher.
  • 3.2 Concrete Magnitism

    3.2 Concrete Magnitism
    I recognize that the children are capable of performing operations so I would give them magnets and iron. I would give them definitions of words and then have them apply the material logically. I would allow them to become "true thinkers" and ask them what other objects iron might be in. I would let them go around the room testing different objects with their magnets.
  • 8.2 School Transitions

    8.2 School Transitions
    Going from elementary school to junior high school was a huge transition. There was so many changes at once. My changes were consistent with the text. I started participating in extra curricular activites, I had lower self esteem, and my first semester my grade slipped. It was different because my teachers offered a lot of positive interactions for us and I never stuggled with depression. My teachers also gave us the power to chose our behavior and wasn't a lot of discipline.
  • 7.3 Crowds and Cliques

    7.3 Crowds and Cliques
    My friends in high school. There was always 8 of us hanging out. We all had close to the same socioeconomic status and we all loved dancing. We called ourselves gray, blue, black crew for fun. I was apart of a church internship and I was seen as "the good girl". I started dressing, talking, and acting like them. We all had the same intrests and were all going after the most important thing, God! We spent about 60 hrs a week together, so we identified with each other.
  • 3.3 Imaginary Audience

    3.3 Imaginary Audience
    This one is very personal. I struggled with an eating disorder and I was afraid to be around people when I was recovering because I thought they were noticing and talking about my weight gain, which wasn't true. I became very isolated because of it. There was no audience, just supportive friends/family! I have been set free for many years now. This showed my ability to hyothetically reason about situations and think about possibilites rather than looking at the reality.
  • 6.4 Arrived

    6.4 Arrived
    Although I never tried out any other religions, I did try different sects of Christianity. I tried Catholicism, basic Christianity, and penecostal. I was trying to find my identity and had low self esteem.Now I am not affiliated with any Christian sect. I identify with the Bible and Jesus. I most closely relate to penecostals, but I don't go to a pentecostal church. I found my identity in Christ and I am commited!