• rubi, marques de

    Rubí went out on his inspection, he traveled to Querétaro and then to Zacatecas.
  • Philip Nolan gave a plan to sell horses

    He gave Baron de Carondelet the governor of texas a plan to go to texas and capture wild horses and sell them in louisiana.
  • Augustus magee

    He graduated from U.S. military acadamy
  • Father hidalgo

    he rang the bell and called the indeans of the town to mass.
  • José Bernardo Maximiliano Gutiérrez de Lara

    He was comisioned by the rebels to solicit aid in the U.S.
  • Medina

    A fight broke out between the republican forces of the gutierrez-magee expedition under sen and a spanish royalty army under gen.
  • Jean lafitte

    he was operating out of galviston island
  • Dr. James long

    He was shot and killed by a gaurd. it was said to be an accident but there is evidence it wasn't.
  • Constitution of 1824

    The government was changed to a legistlative branch and also presidents were elective for 4 year terms for the first time and the congress was composed of two houses.
  • Mexican texas 1824

    suppresed the impereal constitution

    The legislature for the state was created at Saltillo, with the Baron de Bastrop representing Texas.
  • State colonization law of 1825

    law surrenderd to the states athority, no lands could be granted within 20 leages all state laws had to conferm to this act and to federal constitution. congress agreed to make no major change in this policy.