Memories and Struggles

  • Drew and Failed

    I'd draw and draw but the that I've finished has always been critized. But I'd always say to my self I want to draw just like that person. I idolized people and hoped to be someday as good as them . Till the day that I've arrived in america My mom took me to her work all the time and I would always draw. And I had a person that educated me how to draw things right. Probably today the peoplw who've I idolized had been exceeded
  • Walk and Talk

    My friends and I would form a group and create musical instuments from scraps. We'd ask for aluminum bottle caps to the store nearest to our house. Then we'd make the aluminum bottle caps that we've collected the flat as possible, make a hole in the midddle, and put a wire between it and make it as circular as possible. And we'd walk for miles going to ecery houses we'd spot and sing . After the owners would provide us money for us to keep and out at the of the night.
  • Events

    Having to Experirnce floods will actually open your presence of mind becuse you'd have to start all over again becuase you ant save all your belongings. It also is a terryfying experience.But all you can have with you is your family. And you can spend all your life with them and still be exciting every signle day.
  • Left My friends

    Having to leave Philippines might be the hardest time of mylife because I didn't know how to speak in english. And it was like leaving evrything behind and starting over again in the starting line. Though I cried during the trip I got used to it though. I was also terrified of thinking that the plane would crash. It was also too hard for me to learn a lot of words from a language that I barely Knew.
  • Ethnicity

    My ethnicity was always criticized because of the things that I use to wear. The after they use to make me say stuff for their own amusement. They laughed at everything I did but got use to it.. Though I still have my accent it is not as strong as lastime. It was alos ard for me to fit in because everyone didn't know what I was saying.