Radio record player cabinet 60s

McMurdie Technology Timeline

  • Radio/Record Player Cabinet

    Radio/Record Player Cabinet
    As a child, I would listen to the radio or play my sibling's albums on our "cabinet" sound system.
  • Black and White TV

    Black and White TV
    My family only had a very small black and white TV for many years!
  • Atari

    I didn't have an Atari but I enjoyed playing at friend's homes.
  • Typewriter

    While I was in high school, I had to type all of my papers; with no delete key!
  • Boombox

    I participated on a drillteam and all of our music was listened to on our team boombox!
  • Apple Macintosh Computer

    Apple Macintosh Computer
    This was the first computer I purchased for approximately $2500.
  • Over Head Projector

    Over Head Projector
    I used an overhead projector with vis a vis markers during my first years of teaching.
  • Ditto Machine

    Ditto Machine
    Making copies was done on a ditto machine when I started teaching.
  • GameCube

    When my kids were little we had a GameCube system.
  • Document Camera

    Document Camera
    When I began my current job, the overhead projector was replaced with a document camera.
  • MacBook

    The computer I use today and purchased for under $900!
  • Swivl Camera

    Swivl Camera
    This is a device that records lectures/lessons when paired with an ipad.