McDonnell, Matthew- Timeline

  • Birth

    The beginning of my life!
  • Period: to

    Matthew's Life

  • Going Home

    Going Home
    After a week in the hospital, I finally went to my first home with my mother. I don't remember much from back then. Back then, I lived in a small house.
  • Preschool- The Beginning of School

    Preschool- The Beginning of School
    Here, I began school (Not any real work though). It's funny to remember the things I did there. I seemed to developed my fear of heights after being forced to climb the monkey bars...
  • Kindergarden

    I first began school, and I didn't know anyone! Over time though, I got to know everyone and had an okay time.
  • Scarlet Fever

    Scarlet Fever
    I caught a disease called scarlet fever back in 2007 and had to stay in the hospital for a week or two. It was so boring there... The food wasn't good either, and the bed wasn't comfy.
  • Brother's Birth

    Brother's Birth
    My brother was born! He's a very good friend to me, a little reckless and hot-tempered, but he's still a very great brother.
  • Karate

    In July, I started to take karate lessons. I made it to a green belt, but didn't actually make it to black belt. Maybe I'll go back and complete it.
  • Graduation

    I graduated from elementary school! It felt like an eternity (Six years, to be exact, almost half of my life), but I finally did it. I felt so proud of myself.
  • Jumping into Middle School

    Jumping into Middle School
    I finally graduated elementary school and moved on to the next class. I didn't know it would be this different!
  • Great-Grandmother's Death

    Great-Grandmother's Death
    Right in the middle of the holiday season, I recieved drastic news that my great-grandmother died. I think I handled it pretty well, but it still saddened me.