Marion's Technology Timeline

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  • AOL Account

    AOL Account
    Entering Grade 5, I was allowed to open my first AOL account and began using AOL Instant Messenger. This changed the way my friends and I communicated. I was also tied to my embarrassing username, turkeychaser323, until I got my university email address. image source:
  • Keyboarding Class

    Keyboarding Class
    This is the first class I remember taking that was completely on the computer. Not only did we learn how to type, but we also learned basic Microsoft Word skills. I think the ability to type efficiently is definitely an underrated skill. image source:
  • Facebook Opens to the Public

    Facebook Opens to the Public
    When Facebook no longer required a college email address to create an account, everyone I know, including me, got one. It changed how people interacted with each other and has obviously had lasting repercussions on the world. My early experiences with Facebook, especially decisions my friends and I made around privacy and the depressing side of "FOMO," shaped my current "no social media" policy. image source:
  • My First MacBook

    My First MacBook
    I received my first MacBook as a High School graduation present to use at university. I loved it, and it definitely turned me into an Apple user. I've only bought Macs (and iPads and iPhones) since. image source:
  • Alexa Enters My Home

    Alexa Enters My Home
    Despite being on the market since 2014, we recently purchased our first Alexa. I am a little nervous about the proliferation of "smart home" tech, but we decided to try out Alexa in the first country we've lived in that supports its technology. We now have it hooked up to the TV and a "smart" lightbulb. Feels like a new frontier! image source: