mariela's voyage

  • Cassette with our manual rewind!

    Cassette with our manual rewind!
    Recording all of Our nusic wasn't as simple!!!
  • Finally a telephone

    Finally a telephone
    We were waiting for years to finally have a phone at home. Now we wait for the sibilings to get off it!
  • family game system

    Now to beat the kids at these games. They were pro's before they could even read.
  • Pacman

    Many afternoonwith friends at the arcade!!
  • walkman

    We thought we were the greatest thing, so cool
  • Electric Portable Keyboard

    Electric  Portable Keyboard
    Now to practices those piano lessons at home!
  • VHS

    finally we can have movie nights at home, just rent a movie!
  • Talking on the go!

    Talking on the go!
    Now one more way to keep in touch
  • Computer at home

    Computer at home
    To play and work at home

    Finally no more cables to connect, everything in the same place!
  • Laptop computer

    Laptop computer
    take your work with you!
  • I phone

    I phone
    So much to do , so much to see, so much to keep up with! But instantly, with even a camera
  • Tablet

    Now I can take ALL my books with me.And my movies, and all the other fun stuff!