• story time radio

    story time radio
    radios used to play storys and the entire family would sit and enjoy them
  • KDKA

    KDKA was the first radio station to be made
  • how did radio make money

    how did radio make money
    radio made money by putting adds up these adds would be 10 min. long for only 2 dollars and some change
  • adds

    adds first started up o radio
  • radio stations

    radio stations
    everyone wanted there won radio station at the time they first came out but then they had to get aproved
  • music

    the radio then began to play music to keep making money after the tv came out and stole the adds idea.. because companies thought why tell people about our product if we can show it to them???so radio began to play music
  • tv

    tv took over radio making adds move ro tv and radio move to music
  • marconi

    marconi was the man to invent radio back in 1985
  • fm waves

    fm waves
    fm waves where used for fm radio
  • am waves

    am waves
    am waves where used for the am radio
  • radio

    radio at first was not used for music it was used for talk shows and adds that where put out for products
  • w

    w is for east of mississippi
  • k

    k was for west of mississippi
  • radio

    radio is still used now
  • radios and tvs

    radios and tvs
    radios and tvs are now put in cars and we can take theem everywhere to enjoy them. keep our minds off of whats going on in the real world . to just sit back and relax and have a good time!