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  • 800

    Roman Emperor Carlomagno

    Charlemagne’s prodigious range of activities during the first 30 years of his reign were prelude to what some contemporaries and many later observers viewed as the culminating event of his reign: his coronation as Roman emperor
  • 1337

    The war of the 100 years

  • 1348

    The black death

  • 1451

    Leonardo da Vinci and the Gutenberg Bible

  • 1476

    The age of exploration

  • 1492

    End of the Middle Ages

    The fall of the occident empire
  • 1501

    Politic and the reformation

  • Dead Of Isabel I

  • France fights against the power of the nobility

    France fights against the power of the nobility, during the reign of Louis XIII (the frond) under Cardinal Richelieu and Mazarin. In the middle of the century, Louis XIV, the Sun King, who achieves royal absolutism comes to power. Build the Palace of Versailles in 1648.
  • Newton's discoveries Newton discovers gravity in 1678.

    Together with Leibnitz they invent calculus: the mathematical study of movement
  • Period:

    Beggining Of Middle Ages

    Description The Middle, Middle, or Middle Ages is the historical period of Western civilization between the 5th and 15th centuries.
  • Period: to


    DescriptionThe Baroque was a period of history in Western culture originated by a new way of conceiving art and that, starting from different historical-cultural contexts, produced works in numerous artistic fields: literature, architecture, sculpture, painting, music, opera , dance, theater, etc