By 148832
  • Rubi Marques De

    Rubi was ranked high in the knight commander.He was told by the king to do inspections on fronttear presidios,and army milltilias.
  • Phillip Nolan

    He came to Texas wanting to capture wild horses, but got caught by spanish officials. The next time he went he was killed in a fight with spanish solders.
  • Augustus Magee

    He was a guard and he was planning an invasion on Texas. But 2 days after he was in Texas he fell ill and died.
  • Battle of Medina

    This battle was fought between the republican forces under Gen.And the spanish royalist under gen.This battle was fought 20 miles south of San Antonio.It was also one of the bloodiest battles in Texas.
  • Dr.James Long

    in 1817 Dr. James Long was the leader of the Long expediton he studied medicine,and served as a sergeon. Unfourtnally he was shot in the expedition and was killed.
  • Jean Lafitte

    He was a agent from Spain but soon joined Mexico and ook over Galveston.But because of the pirates near there he had a lot of problems in his hands.But he soon colonized another part of North America away from the pirates.
  • Father Hildago

    Father Hildago led a rebellion saying that Mexicans should govern Mexico instead of spaniards.Later on he was shot and killed as a rebel.
  • Mexican Federal Constitution

    When Texas was conquered by the spanish they wrote a constitiution explaining that chatholicism was the states faith and congress was made the final intrepeter,
  • Merger of Coahulia and Texas

    This explained how Texans and Mexicans were to be treated or peopled.
  • State Colonization Law

    this law was adopted by Mexico similar to todays way.This law encouraged immigrants to move into Texas but limited amount of space ws given.
  • State Constitution constitution of Texas and Coahulia

    this constitution was broken down into three departments.The district of Bexar,legislative,and executive.
  • Jose Gutierrez de Lara

    He wanted to establish a republican government in Texas,He also wanted Texas as a base of liberating Mexico.