Lui$ B timeline

Timeline created by mrwilliams623
  • I was born February 22, 2005

  • I had my first birthday party on February 2007

  • i started going to school on august 2009

  • got to middle school

  • made a group of friends

  • got my first phone

  • made it to 7th grade

  • got a bigger group of friends

    added seth momo jesus vincent caleb
  • got to 8th grade

  • got closer to my friends

  • we went to prom and hung out

  • spent time with the homies after the prom

    caleb,miguel,jairo,vincent,jotham,christian, and anthony
  • celebrated my cousins first birthday

  • got all staar test done

  • practiced playing fortnite season 9 and became a mobile god