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Lizzie H-Betrayed By:P.C Cast + Kristin Cast- 310 Pages

  • Lizzie H- Chapter 1=15 pages

    Shaunee's ex-boyfriend came back as a vampire and he wants to turn Shaunee into a vampire. She turned and she is a fledgling which means she doesn't feed on humans only on animals.
  • Lizzie H- Chapter 2=8 Pages

    It was midnight at the vampires time to go out in the middle of the night to look for people to turn into a vampire.
  • Lizzie H- Chapter 3=11 Pages

    Damien the out of control vampire was cursed with dark magic by a vampire priest, so thats why he is so out of control of drinking human blood.
  • Lizzie H-Chapter 4=8 Pages

    At night there is a full moon ritualfor all the vampires in town to take all the evil away so there won't be anymore cures.
  • Lizzie H- Chapter 5=11 Pages

    Shaunee and Damiens stomach start hurting because they want the human blood because of the curse where they both became out of control vampires. It start at their school.
  • Lizzie H- Chapter 6=6 Pages

    There was a crime going on at the vampire council member school when all the bad demond vampires kill everyone at the school.
  • Lizzie H- Chapter 7=8 Pages

    Damien and his twin shaunee was craving human blood so instead they went to a asian resturaunt and ate there instead of killing people and drinking there blood.
  • Lizzie H- Chapter 8=14 Pages

    The dark daughters have to do a full moon ritual for all the fledglings in town, for all fledglings to turn into real vampires. Zoey can't tell her mom about what she had become because her mom would hate her and would kill her, her mom is the cities cop.
  • Lizzie H- Chapter 9=9 Pages

    It's talking about how Loren the fledling is trying to get her humanity back and trying control herself from the blood.
  • Lizzie H- Chapter 10=12 Pages

    Shaunee is the red head fledgling and she feeds from a cow. Zoey was Heaths girlfriend and she is a fledgling to and she feeds from any animal and health is the real vampire.