• First Two years-Biosocial

    Full-term: 5lbs 6oz 21inches; five fingers and toes and a head full of hair
  • First two yr-Psychosocial

    Told-flew to Florida, in a make shift cardbox car seat, to visit Great-grandmother-strong family values
  • first two yr-cognitive

    Put snail in ear and pebble up nose all in one camping weekend. Cognitive-Explore environment
  • play years-biosocial--cognitive

    artistic expression-planning-Since I was a toddler I can remember working with my mom to create Christmas craft projects for gifts to my aunts
  • play yrs-psychosocial

    My best friend Lisa P-since I can remember-creating double and tripple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after school, eating more than picking strawberries and making jam. Always baking, making candy, and playdough throughout childhood. My best friend has the best memories of this time too
  • play years-cognitive

    Academics-kindergarten-me and Lisa K. sitting at our own table because we could color by words and connect the dots to 1001st grade competing with Richard-addition tables.
  • school years-cognitive-psychosocial

    School-doing 4th grade work while in a split 3rd-4th class, but don't remember feeling different or out of place
  • school years-psychosocial

    3rd grade-Singing solo in front of whole congregation. Attending church every sunday was part of our family routine.
  • School years-biosocial

    5th grade-always being sent off to create bulletin boards because I was finished with my work and couldn't sit still (Was diagnosed with ADHD while in graduate school)
  • adolescence-cognitive-biosocial

    Drastic hair cut, from extremely long to extremely short; signifying transition to 7th grade and not wanting to stand out even more. Self conscious about small stature and looking very young.
  • adolescence-psychosocial-biosocial

    Confident-on top of the world. Allowed extreme independence-checking in but multiple day sleepovers. Marshmallow fights in the camper that was sitting outside my parents bedroom window. Getting yelled at because we were up all night and slept all day.
  • adolescence-biosocial

    Good grades, mediocre citizenship marks; not intentional poor behavior-heinsight boredom and difficulty with attention and impulse control
  • emerging adulthood-cogniive

    Started college-not knowing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life-just knew higher education was the key
  • emerging adulthood-psychosocial

    First apartment! Different than most typical college students though, our apartment wasn’t on or near campus and we didn’t have support from our parents
  • emerging adulthood-biosocial-cognitive

    Onset of cluster headaches and post exertion fatigue=declining academic performance=less confident in abilities. Eventually diagnosed with adult onset allergies and asthma.
  • adulthood-psychosocial-cognitive

    Finally sought out a mentor to help with career-life plans: Started Masters degree
  • adulthood-cognitive-psychosocial

    Graduated-Master’s degree-Hired-adjunct counselor=finally made it!
  • adulthood-biosocial-psycosocial-cognitive

    Abrupt onset of severe treatment resistant insomnia and muscle fatigue.
  • adulthood

    Started Phd programBought first house
  • adulthood

    Continued decline in health-could not maintain Phd and work.
  • adulthood-all domains

    leave of absence-health
  • adulthood-all domains

    Diagnosed with Rhuematoid condition
  • adulthood

    Conscious decision to re-career to stay in state-family and friends most valued. Accepted job offer as nanny-pays the bills, but more importantly helps me look at life through the eyes of children.
  • adulthood-cognitive

    Enrolled in physician assistant program
  • adulthood

    Well deserved vacation-Alaska, Italy?
  • adulthood

    New home-neighborhood/location suited to my lifestyle, not just a tax write off.
  • adulthood

    Re-eval goals in life-consider adoption, travel, community contribution
  • adulthood

    Clinically experienced-accept part-time faculty position within Physician Assistant program.-start mentoring new generation of PA's
  • adulthood-

    Clinically experienced-accept part-time faculty position within Physician Assistant program.
  • late adulthood-psychosocial

    Snowbird-semi-retired, adapting to and enjoying life. Planning for re-career in retirement and contributing to community through volunteering.
  • late adulthood-biosocial

    maintaining health with participation in water exercise on regular basis
  • late adulthood-cognitive

    enrolled in continuing education course on the newest photography software
  • late adulthood

    move into retirement community to have increase access to activities, friends, healthy meals and exercise programs
  • death

    nice fall afternoon, slip away