Life Span

  • Birth Development

    Birth Development
    I was born on May 18th at 12:32 AM- I weighed 8 lbs 7 ounces and 21 inches long
  • First 2 years biosocial

    First 2 years biosocial
    At 11 months I learned how to walk on my own and began potty training.
  • First 2 years Cognitive

    First 2 years Cognitive
    Began talking and forming short sentances. My favorite game to play with my mom was patty cake. I also started learning numbers and the alphabet.
  • First 2 years psychosocial

    First 2 years psychosocial
    Went to day care due to my mom having to go back to work. I cried and screamed when she dropped me off.
  • play years biosocial

    play years biosocial
    At 3 years my dad taught me how to ride a bike with training wheels.
  • play years cognitive

    play years cognitive
    Age 4 started preschool- I learned how to count and story time was my favoirte part of the day.
  • play years psychosocial

    play years psychosocial
    At 4 years I found my first best friend Meghan
  • School years biosocial

    School years biosocial
    At age of 8 my dad realized I was tall for my age and signed me up for the schools girls basketball team.
  • school years cognitive

    school years cognitive
    Started learning different subjects more in depth. I realized that I hated math but excelled in science.
  • school years psychosocial

    school years psychosocial
    During this period of my life I would fight all the time with my sister. She was three years older than me, so I was always the annoying little sister she didn't want around. I always felt left out!
  • Adolescence Biosocial

    Adolescence Biosocial
    This year was a very hard year for me. My dad started having a lot of health problems and was diagnosed with emphysema.
  • Adolescence cognitive

    Adolescence cognitive
    Started my first year of higshcool. I also became a member of the chess club.
  • Adolescence psychosocial

    Adolescence psychosocial
    I graduated from highschool with a 3.5 G.P.A. I began researching for colleges while enjoying the summer with my close friends.
  • Emerging Adulthood biosocial

    Emerging Adulthood biosocial
    This was one of the the most exciting days of my life. I received a basketball scholarship from Oakland Communtiy College to continue my education.
  • Emerging adult cognitive

    Emerging adult cognitive
    When I first started college, I was unsure of my major. However after taking many classes and doing alot of research, I decided to major in social work.
  • Emerging adult pyschosical

    Emerging adult pyschosical
    I what as diagnosed with AVNRT which is an arrythmia that occurs with in the heart. Unfortunately, with this diagnosis I had to stop playing basketball.
  • Adulthood Biosocial

    Adulthood Biosocial
    My father was diagnosed with stage III esophageal cancer. I was the main person taking care of him so I decided to withdraw my self from school and focus on his health.
  • Adulthood Cognitive

    Adulthood Cognitive
    I changed my major to nursing. I now travel to toledo 2 times a week to continue my education for my associates degree.
  • Adulthood psychosocial

    Adulthood psychosocial
    My degree is completed. I planned to be married and started family planning.
  • Late adulthood biosocial

    Late adulthood biosocial
    Retirement. Focusing on spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren! Maintaing a healthy diet as well as exercising a few times a week to stay healthy.
  • late adulthood cognitive

    late adulthood cognitive
    Start to develop a little mental confusion, start having issues with forgetting things.
  • Late adulthood psychosocial

    Late adulthood psychosocial
    deceased at 93 years old