Life Map: Pip and I

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    Dates aren't as exact, The times are guessed by when the events in the chapters are occuring.
  • Pip meets the Convicts

    Pip meets the Convicts
    Between chapters 1 and 7, Pip has a problamtic situtation dealing with an escaped convict.The convict forces Pip to help him in exchange for his life. Pip is guilty about helping him, but when policemen come asking for help to find these convicts, Joe and Pip volunteer. Pip is then worried about his convict and later they find him fighting with another escaped convict. The convict who forced Pip to help him covers for Pip and the two convict are apprehended and taken away in a prison ship.
  • Pip meets Miss Havisham and Estella

    Pip meets Miss Havisham and Estella
    In chapter 8, Pip meets the old woman Miss Havisham and the lovely Estella in the Satis House. Pip immendiately takes a liking to Estella, and Miss Havisham tells Pip to play cards with Estella, with Miss Havisham asking Pip how beautiful Estella is. Pip loses, if not, every game, and at the end of the day, breaks down in tears when Estella breaks him.
  • Pip discovers his Great Expectations

    Pip discovers his Great Expectations
    During Pip's 4th year of apprenticeship to the blacksmith Joe, Pip is greeted by the mysterious Mr. Jaggers, a laywer. Mr. Jaggers tells Pip that Pip is to have great expectations, or in simpler terms, a great fortune, and is become a gentleman. Pip accepts this opportunity and moves to London to become a gentleman, and leaves his old life behind for a new one.
  • Pip meets his benefactor

    Pip meets his benefactor
    Here, in chapter 39, Pip unexpectly meets his benefactor in his home. It is later revealed that his benefactor is actually the convict (named Magwitch) who forced Pip to help him. He reveals everything to Pip, like how he got his fortune and so forth. However, his benefactor is on the run again, and could be sentenced to death. Pip has the feeling to help him and decides to shelter him and think of a way for him to escape.
  • Estella breaks Pip' heart

    Estella breaks Pip' heart
    In chapter 44, Pip visits Miss Havisham and Estella, and asks Miss Havisham to help his friend Herbert (befriended in chapter 22). Then, Pip confesses his love to Estella, only to be broken-hearten when she doesn't love him back, and will instead marry Drummle, a horrible man. Miss Havisham seems to be sorry for Pip, and later in chapter 49, asks for Pip's forgiveness for causing him much pain.
  • Pip helps his benefactor escape

    Pip helps his benefactor escape
    After months of planning, Pip, with the help Herbert and Startop, another one of Pip's friends, escort Magwitch to safety via boat for him to escape London. Unfortunely, some policemen find out, tipped of the other convict, the one who fighting with Magwitch in the marshes, and a short fight ensures between him and Magwitch. Magwitch is later captured and sentenced to death. On his death-bed, Pip tells Magwitch about his long lost daughter and he then peacefully dies.
  • Pip meets Estella Again

    Pip meets Estella Again
    After getting out of debt and being sick with the help of Joe, Pip decides to go with Herbert into the merchant business in the East. Pip back from the East for a visit after twelve years and decides to see the old Satis House, now reduced to nothing. Here, he sees Estella again and the two have a talk. In the end, Pip and Estella leave together, never to part again.
  • I was Born

    This day marked the day I was born into the world, making me the second child born to my parents.
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    My 7 Important Events

  • Moving to Anaheim

    This day my family and I were to move to Anaheim, leaving my old life behind in Corona. It wasn't easy though, I had to say good-bye to all my friends I've made there and more. It took me a while to get over it.
  • Younger Brother Alan

    My mom gave birth to my younger brother, Alan Nguyen, the third child to be born after me and my brother. Well, that's one more mouth to feed *sacasm*.
  • Kindergarten

    I started Kindergarten on this day. My mom dropped me off at school, and like my children on their first day, started crying because I thought my mom abandoned me. It took me awhile to settle in and get to the swing of things.
  • Disneyland (4th Grade)

    Though it was a school day, our school was chosen Disney to promote a new video game called Spectrobes. Two classes, including mine, went to Disneyland, to be on a news segment on Disney Channel, called Disney 365. In between, we went on rides and in the end, they gave each and everyone one of us a free copy of the game and a Nintendo DS.
  • Oxford Acceptance Letter

    After taking the Oxford entrance exam, I later got the letter saying that I got into the school. It was a pretty good day. My parents were happy and I was glad to be accepted.
  • Oxford Academy Symphony Orchestra

    It was my first day being the highest level of music in the class. There's a lot of talent in the class, and very difficult music. Though, I perservered and did the best I could in the class.