Life Map

Timeline created by rfinnega1
  • Born

    I was born into this world and this influences my parts relationship because now they had to deal with me
  • First Word

  • Started walking

  • Moved to Eldridge

    I moved to Eldridge and that effective my relationships with finding new friends and meeting new people so i began new relationships with people.
  • Sister Katie was born

    My sister being born was a new relationship because she is like my bestfriend and our relationship is super close
  • Started Pre-K

  • Grandpa FInnegan Died

  • Grandma Baker Died

  • Learned to ride a bike

  • Met missy bff

    This started my relationship with my bff so it should me how to have a good bff and stay best friends
  • Started Kindergarten

  • Uncle Bobby Died

  • learned to ride a bike

  • Became bffs with kenzie

  • Got a dog Toby

  • Start Jr. HIgh

    Meet new people from all different school started new friendships
  • Started Highschool

    Meet new people and began to have new friendships with more people
  • Turned 16

  • First car

  • Got first job

  • Moved in eldridge

  • Graduated Highschool

  • Graduated College

  • Buy first house


  • First Kid

  • New house

  • First kid leave for college

  • Grand Children

  • Birthday! 50th!