Lets get organised bruh

  • Getting the camera!

    This day is the day we get the camera to film our video. After getting the camera at 3PM and go across the road from college to film for the first half of the video.
  • Period: to


    This is our production schedule
  • Second day filming

    On the second day we can go to the locations: Turnpike Lane, Lordship Land and Great CAmbridge. Maybe this will go other two days so we can break it up if we dont have enough time.
  • being underground

    This will be the day we film in the underground warehouse type place, and maybe we could visit south bank and begin filming those scenes there too.
  • 'Bank' again

    On this day we can finish what we have left at south bank and then move onto oxford and film the scenes we need there on the same day.
  • It cant be? over already?

    Go to canary wharf and film a few of the scenes that are left there, and then make sure to review all the footage and make sure it is all suitable for usage.
  • Possible filming again

    If any of our footage isnt as good as it could be, or we feel like we need more shots, or better locations we will dedicate this day to doing all of that.