Lemon Brown Timeline

  • Lemon Browns Son Died

    In the 1970's, Lemon Brown's son died in the war.
  • Abandoned House

    It started raining and Greg went into and abandoned house.
  • Greg met Lemon Brown

    On the same day, Greg met Lemon Brown in the abandoned house.
  • Lemon Brown's Career

    On the same day, Lemon Brown told Greg about his career as a blues singer.
  • Thugs showed up

    Thugs came to the abandoned house looking for Lemon Brown's treasure.
  • Lemon and Greg hid

    Lemon Brown and Greg Ridley hid from the thugs.
  • Lemon got rid of Thugs

    Lemon Brown got rid of the thugs by rolling down the stairs.
  • Greg went home

    After Lemon Got rid of the thugs, Greg went home.
  • Birth

    I was born at Duke Hospital.
  • Started School

    Ms.Branch was my kindergarten teacher.
  • Moved to Creedmoor

    I moved to Creedmoor so I could be closer to school.
  • Grandpa died

    Hardship: He was the only grandpa I ever knew.
  • Sung at church

    Uniqueness: I had my first preformence at my grandma's church.
  • Disney World

    In october of 2009 I went to Disney World.
  • Got first fish

    My brother and I got a betta fish.
  • Got contacts

    Denying my true self: I hated the way I looked in glasses so I got contacts.
  • Started Middle School

    I was scared when I first started sixth grade.
  • Started Chorus

    I started singing in the Hawley Chorus.
  • Divorce

    My parents divorce became final.
  • Started Volleyball

    Started playing volleyball for SGAA.
  • Wrote first essay

    I had to write my first essay for social studies class in 7th grade.
  • EOGs

    I got a 5 on my math 1 EOG.
  • Groups

    Searching for my true self: I am currently trying to find out which "group" I belong to.