lemon brown

  • 1st

    greg walks into mr.lemons shack
  • second

    Mr.lemon and greg meet each other
  • 3rd

    lemon tells greg about his past
  • 4th

    burgulars come for mr.lemon
  • 5th

    Mr.lemon brings greg upstairs
  • 6th

    Greg destracts the burgulars and mr lemon attacks them
  • 7th

    Mr lemon keeps greg untill the burgulars are for sure gone
  • Born

    Born on march, 1, 2000 at 11:43pm
  • were i was born

    I was born duke hospital
  • denying my true self

    I keep denying my self that i could not play basketball I could
  • who

    finding who i am
  • driving

    learn how to drive a car
  • unique

    finding that i am a unique person
  • money

    how to work and make money
  • how

    telling myself how to do things
  • new things

    found out that i was getting a new four wheeler
  • new

    got something new
  • fixing problems

    i was fixing something and i keep saying that i could not do it
  • wreck

    i was involved in a dirt bike wreck
  • travel

    went to see some of my family
  • cancer

    my grandma got cancer
  • cancer

    my grandma got cancer