Kristy's timeline

By kriley
  • Period: to

    Zygote to Newborn

  • Day of Conception

  • Parents found out my gender

  • Birth Date

    It was snowing the day I was born
  • Period: to

    Infancy and Toddlerhood

  • Walking

    I was on my feet fast. they couldn't keep me in one place. my mom says that I was climbing out of my crib and I was close to ranning around too by 1 1/2 yr.Pysical Development
  • Talking; wanting to do my own thing

    I was talking up a storm. My mom says she couldn't get me to be quiet. I talked all the time according to her. Around this time too we went to Disney World and I walked away from my parents because I wanted to see the water. I found the water but i could find my way back to my parents. Cognitive Development
  • Period: to

    Early and Middle Childhood

  • Developed relationships

    Up to this piont and bewond I was developing relationships with my baby sitter's family and my own family. I also remember doing things with them at this age.Parents would drop me off at baby sitter's house in the morning I would cry. My parents had to put me down for a nap and sneek out while I was asleep. I would also cry when i had to leave to go home. Socioemotional Development
  • Cognative-Starting an Education

    This is when I started Perschool. My teachers names where Mrs. Bird and Mrs. Webb. I remember playing alot when I was there but I don't remember people
  • Physical-Riding like a Pro

    I was about this age when I learned how to ride a bike. I didn't learn how to ride a bike from my parents but the neighborhood kids taught me.
  • Social/Cognative-Sent to a SDA school

    This was the year I startd 1st grade. My mom likes to tell the stories of the teach always coming out to talk to her after school. The teacher would always tell her that I was mean to someone that day or that I kick my shoe across the room. This was also the time that I started making friends. My first friend was Monae Lockett. We were like a tag team, we got along quite well.
  • Period: to


  • Oh No!

    Found out I had scoliosis. They watch it for four years. They had me wear a brace in hopes that is would fix my back but it just continued to get worse.
  • Puberty

    Offically end into womenhood by starting my period.
  • Surgery

    I had scoliosis and had to get major back surgery. I was fused from T4 to L3.
  • Started Highschol

    Went away to highschool to Mount Vernon Acabemy.
  • First Crush

    When I was a sophomore in highschoool I my first crush Alex Ruth.
  • Graduation

    I graduated Highschool!!!
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood

  • College Graduation

    I hopefully will be graduating with a BS in nursing :)
  • Officially on my own

    Hopfully I will have my own appartment and be living off my parents.
  • Start of my Career

    I am hoping to have a stable job.
  • Marriage?

    I am totallly guessing but I am hoping to be married by this time or at least engaged.
  • Childern?

    Right know I don't want children but I may want them at this age.
  • Period: to

    Middle Abulthood

  • Definately Married

    I should be married my this time and should be getting settled in and learing how to manage a house, husband, kids, and work.
  • Living Life

    Hopefully I will have two childeren by now and they should be at a younge age. Here we should be enjoy family life.
  • No School debt!

    My school bedt should be payed off by now. Yes Debt free in this area.
  • Job Promotion

    I got a job promotion!
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Retirment

    Hopefully by the time I retire I will be able to travel and not be to tired and unable to do it.
  • Grandchildern

    Have Grandkids that I can spoil!!!
  • Health Problems

    Hearing going bad, eyes, and heart issues run in my family too and cancer.
  • Period: to


  • Everything is all good in my head

    I have live a good life. I have had a great family life and had fun. I am satified with my life and wouldnt' change a thing. God has been good.
  • Not looking so good

    At this stage, I will be 94 and my health will be declining very fast now. Because of my family history I could possibly have heart problems, diabetes, or caner.
  • My Funeral

    I am thinking that I will want to be cremated just because it will be cheaper for my family but in the end it really isn't up to me.