• First added on facebook :)

    I accepted your friend requst on facebook x
  • First time we skyped each other

  • first time I met you x

    best day of my life
    you told me you loved me :)
    and I loved you too xx
  • First adventure together

    stayed at the mariott hotel in manchester while i was getting my visa for China
  • Kerri leaves to china

    sad face :(
  • kerri gets back from china and manchester

  • Kerri leaves for Japan

    sad face :(
  • Kerri comes back from Japan/america

    5 months apart!
  • first time we made love properly x

    love you x
  • Our first holiday x

  • Ross starts a new job :)

    clever cloggs
  • kerri leaves to summer school

    veryyyyy sad :'(