Kaylie Martin Timeline

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    Kaylie Martin's Life

  • Birth

    I was born at 7:11 a.m. on November 14, 1991. I was 8 pounds 12 ounces.
  • Rolling over

    (The First Two Years - Biosocial) 6 moths after birth, I started to roll over and was continued to be breastfed. My weight doubled since birth. (The First Two Years - Psychosocial) Attachement Type C is expressed - insecure-resistant. Devleoping dependent behavior expressed.
  • Temper Tantrum

    (The First Two Years - Psychosocial) First signs of anger and frustration.
  • Object Permanence

    (The First Two Years - Cognitive) Began to show signs of object permanence - searched for hidden objects.
  • First Steps/First words.

    (First Two Years - Biosocial) I took my first steps!
    (Firet Two Years - Cognitive) Said my first words!
  • Fear

    (The First Two Years - Psychosocial) First sign of fear - fear of strangers - seperation anxiety.
  • Short Sentences

    (The First Two Years - Cognitive) Begins to say two or three word sentences.
  • Mastered Language

    (The Play Years - Cognitive) Speaking in full sentences - mastered English.
  • Egocentrism

    (The Play Years - Congnitive) Showing first real signs of egocentrism.
  • Preoperational Thought

    (The Play Years - Cognitive) Properational thought is apparent.
  • Preschool

    (The Play Years - Psychosocial) Preschool has started. Coorperation is developing. Strong sense of imagination is forming. Patience and getting along with peers is in development.
  • Emotions

    (The Play Years - Psychosocial) Internalizing problems, empthay is expressed through preschool, pride and self esteem are made aparent through schooling expereinces.
  • Broken Ankle

    (The Play Years - Biosocial) Becoming much more active - playing soccer, broke my ankle.
  • Battle of the Books

    (The School Years - Cognitive) Was crowned champion of "The Battle of the Books" contest at school - found strong interest in reading fictional novels.
  • Glasses

    (The School Years - Biosocial) Got my eyes checked becaus eI had a hard time reading the board at school and needed glasses.
  • Basketball/Volleyball/Soccer/Musicals

    (The School Years - Biosocial) Started playing basketball, volleyball, and soccer, and made it in the school musical.
  • Allergies Form

    (The School Years - Biosocial) Spring Allergies have formed for the outdoors.
  • Family Ties

    (The School Years - Psychosocial) As the need for friendships and acceptance from peers grew, my family started pushing hard for stronger family ties.
  • Self-Image

    (The School years - Biosocial) Self-Image is the primary focus. Comparing with other girls is previlant. Grades become very important - comparing grades with classmates motivates to do better.
  • Peers = Trouble

    (The School Years - Psychosocial) Peers become more important than family. Started getting in trouble at how just to maintain a good image with friends/people at school.
  • Relational Aggression

    (The School Years - Psychosocial) Got into huge fight with two best friends - rumors were spread, friends were socially excluded from groups, tempers were high, gossip was on a high
  • Drugs Exposure

    (Adolescence - Biosocial) - was exposed for the first time to drugs firsthand. I never tried them myself, but was in the room when my friend did.
  • Puberty

    (Adolescence - Bosocial) - started puberty
  • Youth Leadership Canton

    (The School Years - Cognitive) Showed signs of conventional moral reasoning by being involved with Youth Leadership Canton - an extra-cirricular group in middle school.
  • Second Language

    (The Sschool Years - Cognitive) Took a Spanish class for the first time as a second language.
  • Depression

    (Adolescence - Psychosocial/Biological) Found myself to be super sad and angry more often then not. Was diagnosed with depression and PTSD. Went to weekly therapy session and was medicated.
  • First Boyfriend

    (Adolescence - Psychosocial) Started to become very interested in boys. Got my first boyfriend. It lasted 5 months. Became very "cool" for having one, and my self-esteem was very much found in him.
  • Self Esteem Decrease

    (Adolescence - Psychosocial) Self-esteem started to slowly decrease as I started comparing myself to everyone around me. Became very sad and envious of other girls with more friends.
  • Change in Priorities

    (Adolescence - Cognitive) - By priorites changed from school-work being #1 to friends being #1.
  • Run mainly on emotions

    (Adolescence - Cognitive) started really using illogical ways to solve problems. Became very intuitive in thinking and selfcentered. Emotions tended to run all of my decisions.
  • Body Changes

    (Early Adulthood - Biosocial) Body started filling out and feeling self-concious about it. Started thinking about eating disorders as solution - but never started.
  • Faith, Beliefs

    (Early Adulthood - Cognitive) - started to really get into my Faith and Belifs. Starts attending bible studies outside of the Sunday Morning Church Services.
  • Baby?

    (Early Adulthood - Cognitive) My husband and I start talking and planning about having a child in the near future.
  • Career Picked!

    (Early Adulthood - Cognitive) - Thought and prayer went deeply into the distressing subject of a career, and picked a career and computer Technology. Wants to work in the Marketing/Computer programming sector in Buisness. 2 Years of school left to go.
  • The Wedding Day!

    Early Adulthood - Psychosocial - Gets married to 5 year boyfriend
  • College Graduation

    (Early Adulthood - Psychosocial) - Graduated from College with a Computer Technologies degree!
  • New job - Computer Tenchologies

    (Early Adulthood - Psychosocial) Started working at The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc. as a computer technoligies, marketing, for the company. Working with computer design!
  • Bestfriends Wedding

    (Early Adulthood - Psychosocial) Its the time of life where a lot of my friends are getting married!
  • Marriage

    Early Adulthood - Cognitive - starts contemplating marriage with a boyfriend of 3 years. Started reasing and suign rational analysis of the upcoming events. Has an easier time planning for the future.
  • Bestfriends

    (Early Adulthood - Psychosocial) Met my 3 bestfriends and they became more imporatant to me than any other "best friends" that I might have had. These become my Forever Friends.
  • Job Change

    (Early Adulthood - Psychosocial) Get a new job at a different buisness where I can work from home.
  • Athletics

    Adulthood - Biosocial - Athletic slowed down, no longer able to withstand the same phsycial activity as in earlier life.
  • Pregnant

    (Early Adulthood - Psychosocial) Found out that I am pregnant with my first child!
  • Twins?!

    (Early Adulthood - Cognative) - Having a hard time dealing with having twins - self concious as a wife and mother at this point in life.
  • Baby Arrived!

    (Early Adulthood - Psychosocial) Entering into the World - new additions to the family - Twins!!! Brielle and Braelynn!
  • Goodbye 20's

    (Early Adulthood - Cognitive) Start feeling upset that my twenties are over and I'm approaching 30 years old.
  • Quitting job

    (Early Adulthood - Psychosocial) Quit job to stay home with the kids.
  • Exercising

    (Middle Adulthood - Biosocial) Self concious about weight, finding it harder to keep weight off. Starting exercise program to keep body in shape.
  • Eye Prescription changes

    (Middle Adulthood - Biosocial) Found it hard to read small print. Needs to have bifocal glasses.
  • IQ rising

    (Middle Adulthood - Cognitive) - though it's harder to pickup and learn things as fast as it used to be, vocabulary and general knowledge are at an all-time high.
  • Scrapbooking/Crafts

    (Middle Adulthood - Cognitive) Finding a very strong interest in creative projects and creative thinking. Finding a love for scrapbooking and making home-decor crafts.
  • Wrinkles!

    (Middle Adulthood - Biosocial) Visible wrinkles start forming on my face
  • Rasing Children

    (Middle Adulthood - Cognitive ) - finding it difficult to teach my finds, punish, enforece rules. Feeling self-concious and afraid of my abilities to raise them well.
  • Moving

    (Middle Adulthood - Psychosocial) Husband got a job in Colorado - moving the family out there. Feeling very aprehensive about the big move and how the family will adjust.
  • Re-Applying for a Job again

    (Middle Adulthood - Psychosocial) The children are in school now, trying to find a job while they are in shcool to earn some extra money.
  • Relationship with Parents

    (Middle Adulthood - Psychosocial) My parents are very much older now, and my relationships with them have gotten very much stronger through my adult life.
  • Reflecting

    (Middle Adulthood - Cognitive) Did a lot of reflecting on my life, experiences, successes, and failures over the years. Tryign to fidn my worth in the upcoming years as life starts changing within my family.
  • Life as a Parent

    (Middle Adulthood - Psychosocial) Struggling in the life of a parent - trying to balance a job, children, and a spouse is becoming overwhleming.
  • Siblings Relationship

    (Middle Adulthood - Psychosocial) Becoming closer with my siblings through caring for my parents
  • Husband - hard time

    (Middle Adulthood- psycholsocial) My husband is having a hardtime balancing his work life, with his family life. This causes stress on the family and realtionship.
  • Daughters to College

    (Middle Adulthood - Cognitive) Twin daughters start their first year of college. Having a hard time letting them go and not havign them in the home. Lost a sense of "who I am"
  • Menopause

    (Middle Adulthood - Biosocial) -First sign of the beginnign of menopause - heat flashes begin
  • Dieting

    (Late-Adulthood - Biosocial) Resticting calorie intake and taking prescriptions to extend health and life
  • Hearing losee

    (Late-Adulthood - Biosocial) first discovered a hinder in hearing capability
  • Daughters get married

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) Daghters get married!
  • Grandchild!

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) Daughter had her first child! I'm a grandma!
  • Will

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) My husband and I meet with a lawyer to go over our will
  • Retirement

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) Retire from work - both my husband and I!
  • Memory loss

    (Late-Adulthood - Cognitive) first signs of real trouble with short-term and long-term memory loss.
  • Mini-Stroke

    (Late-Adulthood - Cognitive) Suffered from a mini-stroke. Was hositalized. There is concern about vasula dimentia.
  • Dementia

    (Late-Adulthood - Cognitive) Disgnosed with dementia
  • Vascular Dimentia

    (Late-Adulthood - Cognitive) Diagnosed with vascula dimentia
  • Nursing Home

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) Children moved us into a nursing home. ((Late-Adulthood - Cognitive) Emotionally not dealing with the new environmental well at all. Very sad and lonely.
  • Second Grandchild!

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) Second daughter has another grandchild! This is the second!
  • Will-revised

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) Revise our will.
  • Alzheimer's Diseas

    (Late-Adulthood - Cognitive) Husband diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Move in with my daughter

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) My daughter takes me into her home because I'm emotionally having a rough time without my husband and my health and dimentia has gotten really bad.
  • No family recognition

    (Late-Adulthood - Cognitive) I can no longer recongize my family. This is straining the environment in which i live.
  • Husband dies

    (Late-Adulthood - Psycosocial) Husband dies with the affects of the Alzheimer's Disease. (Late-Adulthood - Cognitive) I become very depressed.
  • Death

    Death- I die from a serious stroke.