By claire1
  • Emotional developmet:0-3years

    Emotional:it is important for the child to feel safe. They require love, warmth. Make eye contact and smile with familiar faces may be happy to smile and engage with people.
  • Intellectual development: 0-3years

    Intellectual:Take interest intheir surroundings. Babbling, can pronounce a few words and names. By 3 years child is able to put a few sentences together and repeat what a person says,
  • Ages 0-3years

    Physical:The child grows inheight and weight. Primary socialisiation(with parents and familiar faces). can hold head upright, growth in height and weight, grasp objects infront of them, can roll over by 4months.
  • Period: to


  • Emotiona..Ages 4-9years

    Emotional deveoplment: and social:- understanding of rules, able to work in a team at around the age of 8.Signs of responsibility. Competative
  • Physical Dvelopment: Ages 4-9 years old

    Physical development:-Becoming independant,can dress themselves. Learning new skills, skip jump, draw a square and triangle,structured senteces, going to school and nursery broadening their socialisation from primary to secondary socialisation.Enjoy a little time away from home
  • Intellectual Development:- Ages 4-9

    Begining of educational years, start to learn about time. Able to use up to 2000 words.
  • Physical Development: Ages 10-18

    At this stage the chld is now hitting puberty. This stage is where the body prepares for sexual reproduction. Also experience growth spurt where they grow taller and stronger. They learn problem solving and using intiative. Self development.
  • Emotional and Social Dvelopment: 10-18years.

    Making new friends, socialising as much as possible. Show emotions more e.g. anger, moody. Pick up new habits such as drugs, smoking, drinking.
    Show interest in the opposite sex
  • Intellectual Development: 10- 18years old

    Can read newspapers/ magazines. Still continuing with education so from primary school-on to secondary school, to college then university. At 16 they are legally allowed to start working.
  • Social and emotional developmet: 19-65

    Begine to work therefore socialising more making more friends. develop relationships and get married. Will have children and even grandshildren by 65
  • Physcial development: 19-65years old

    Stop growing and as they get older, develop wrinkles and get weak bones
  • Intellectual development: 19-65years old

    Wil get wiser as they grow older due to life experiences.
  • Social and emotional development: 65+

    End stages of life will lose friends and family members due to poor health and other causes.
    Poor health will limit them to socialising and communicating.
    May feel lonely as they have no one to talk to about life experiences.
  • Physical Dvelopment: 65+

    Will be very weak and mobility skills will be very poor. Will become smaller in size/ get shorter.