Brahms cover

Johannes Brahms famous composer / pianist

  • BORN

    I was born May 7 1833 in hamberg, Germany
  • Period: to

    My life...

    I lived about 64 yrs and wrote many great peaces.
  • Time for homework

    Time for homework
    I started studying with Otto Cossel
  • More homework

    More homework
    I started studying with Edward marxsen.
  • MY first show

    MY first  show
    this was my first show in Germany.
  • Disaster of love

    Disaster of love
  • Chrysalis

    in 1855 I ctreated the song christalis
  • American civil war starts

    American civil war starts
  • Germany unified

    Germany unified
    Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck unifies Germany in a series of wars.
  • Better Late Than Never

    Better Late Than Never
    another composed
  • Last days

    Last days
    In march i got very sick with old age
  • Passed away

    Passed away
    On Apr/3/1897 I died in Vinna Austrya