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  • Oct 1, 1347

    Black Death Starts

    Black Death Starts
    It was an epidemic in Europe which took more lives than any other epidemic or in the world. A rough estimation of 25 million people was killed by the plague. It set up the future for better medicine, technology, and sanitation.
  • 1440

    Printing press was created

    Printing press was created
    A type of technology that is displayed in a printed form. It helped expand the world as it let people further communicates, and share their ideas.
  • 1492

    Colombus sailed looking for Asia

    Colombus sailed looking for Asia
    Christopher decided to find a faster path towards Asia on a boat, and instead of finding Asia, he found the Carribean Islands.
    Even though he may have never have stepped on the Americas, he sparked more travels and explorationtowards the new world.
  • 1517

    Martin Luther and the 95 Theses

    Martin Luther and the 95 Theses
    In 1517, Martin Luther wrote 95 theses on the Christan church and their choice to create “indulgences”, or passes to get into heaven.
    These 95 theses would become the foundation for a new branch of Christianity, and the Protestant Reformation
  • 1532

    Portrait of a Woman inspired by Lucretia was finished

    Portrait of a Woman inspired by Lucretia was finished
    This portrait is of a woman that goes by the name of Lucretia. She was violated of her bodily integrity and decided to kill herself. BEfore she did she made note that said 'After Lucretia's example let no violated woman live'.
  • 1561

    The Last Judgement is finished

    The Last Judgement is finished
    The Last Judgement was a huge painting in the Sistine Chapel, and one of Michelangelo’s last pieces of art. It shows Christ and many other biblical characters.
    It is important as it demonstrates Renaissance art, and it’s extreme detail and characteristics. It truly defined what the Renaissance really was.
  • The plague closes the Shakespeare theatre

    The plague closes the Shakespeare theatre
    The Black plague kills about 5 percent of the residents causing the London theaters to shut down. This is important because it stopped lots of business, hurting the economy and people's jobs and wallets.
  • Galileo's telescope

    Galileo's telescope
    Galileo found well-known theories that we still believe today with the telescope. This telescope helped Galileo make his Copernicus theory (that the Earth revolved around) and helped him discover there are four moons that circle around Jupiter, to observe the phases of Venus, study Saturn, and much other space like things.
  • Newton was born

    Newton was born
    A physicist, matheticain, author, and one of the most important scientists of all time
    He proved gravity, three laws of motion which are now the basics of physics, and calculus.
  • Anglican church was formed

    Anglican church was formed
    With 85 million members, the Anglican church is a branch off of the Protestant church.
    They do not believe in hierarchy but carry many similar values.