Jannah & Christina's timeline

  • newborn

    the baby was bornnnn :-)
  • 13-18 months cognitive

    13-18 months cognitive
    begins figuring things out through thought process. The toddlers vocabulary will increase to about 6-10 words. They can remember where objects belong. They can imitate simple sounds upon request.
  • 12-18 months physical

    12-18 months physical
    may turn nobs on the tv. They may build small towers of blocks. They can also begin to use spoons, spilling little. Begins to add hand gestures when speaking.
  • 19-24 months physical

    19-24 months physical
    can walk sideways and backwards, can kick balls, and squat. They show increased coordination. Can also bounce and sway and simple dance movements.
  • 19-24 months cognitive

    19-24 months cognitive
    can remember familiar things, may distinguish between numbers, is curious, and may be able to draw crude pictices and determine what they are
  • 25-30 months physical

    25-30 months physical
    They enjoy running but are unable to measure sudden stops. Climbs everywhere indoors even in forbidden places. Plays on swings, ladders, and other play ground equiptment.
  • 25-30 months cognitive

    25-30 months cognitive
    becomes increasingly interested in childrens TV shows. They enjoy playing house and imitating family situations. Likes to imitate drawings or the other children.
  • 31-36 months physical

    31-36 months physical
    likes to be in constant motion, running or walking sideways and backwards. they like games involving running. They can throw the ball over the head but their aim is still very poor.
  • 31-36 months cognitive

    31-36 months cognitive
    They can classify objects into general categories. They become more skilled in putting puzzle peices together. Can stack rings in the correct order.