Jacqueline's Development Through The Life Span

  • A Girl Is Born

    Jacqueline Victoria Garrett
    8lbs 9oz
    Beyer Hospital, Michigan
  • The First Two Years 1-2 yrs

    Biosocial: Mother divorced, biological father. Stressful baby, cried a lot, did not sleep well. A lot of co-sleeping with mother. Breastfeed until 14 month. Caught chicken pox, after had all immunizations. I was a healthy baby!
  • First Two Year 1-2 yrs

    Cognitive: Intelligent, curiouse child. Thumb sucker and loved pacifier. Not potty trained, and still drank bottles until I was two.
    Started talking at one, bilingual, knowboth spanish and english. Spanish was primarliy spoken. Stutter when spoke english and had trouble enunciating.
  • First Two Years 1-2 yrs

    Psychosocial: Mother Remarried
    Finally potty trained by step dad! Proximal parenting style from mother and distal from new father. Temperment variable: Sometimes fearful, sometimes not. Stranger awarness, did not like strangers, but and had bad seperation anxiety. Also insecure-resistant/ambivalent attachment.
    seperation anxiety. Watched by realitive who are mexican, so lots of mexican traditions.
  • Early Childhood 2-6 yrs

    Biosocial: Lost first front tooth at age 5. Had polyps removed from my bladder, which caused me to wet the bed a lot. Right hannded child, and did well in school. I was impulsive and threw tantrums. Loved to draw, good with scissors!
  • Early Childhood 2-6 yrs

    I believed in animism, I thought trees, rocks flowers were alive. I had an imaginary dog until I was three. Then my parents baught me a real one, who I thought was a princess trapped in a dogs body. I talked to myself a lot, also known as private speech. I started Kindergarten at age 5, and took speech class to help with my pronunciation of english words. At age six I was balanced bilingual, and could and still can speak spanish and english, equally as well!
  • Early Childhood 2-6 yrs

    Psychosocial Development: At age 3 found out that my step father was not my real father.Trouble from ages 3-5 emotion regulation,I also had bad initiative versus guilt problems. At age 3 saw a therapist, for seperation anxiety. Lots of sociodramtic play. Playmates were all relatives. Rough and touble play with siblings. Both parents authoratative. Prosocial behavior, reactive aggression, empathetic, good psychological control, timeouts, and knew I was a girl but its okay to do boy stuff!
  • MiddleAge Child Hood 6-11 yrs

    Biosocial: Healthy always had isurance, physical, dental and optical rountily checked and updated. Played soccer and cheerleading. Had traits from my biological father (nature), but more like my step father (nurture). No allergies or physical problems. IQ and aptitude test where high, good at paying attention and at school.
  • Middle Childhood 6-11yrs

    Cognitive: Good concrete operational thought very logical and still emotional.Middle class house hold, hand me downs, and off brand food, but still good economically. Two families, american culture and hispanic culture practiced both. Raised Catholic, did well on all my state tests.
  • Middle Childhood 6-11 yrs

    Psychosocial:Had a strong social comparison, I measured myself against family, friends, school mates, and always wanted to achieve better then others academically. I had a good effortful control. I did put added stress on myself and would get sichk because of it. To the outside world I was resilient, I could adapt very well. Especially coming for a divorce family and having many, parents, grandparents, and siblings. I was raised with mexican culture and catholic. wasn't bullied and didn't bully.
  • Adolesence 11-18yrs

    Biosocial: Hitting puberty was normal, parents where very open and my changes in bodily functions and growth did not come as a suprise Healthy slender, did some sports. Healthy diet, not a lot of junk food, but, still indulged. Late on secondary sex characteristics. Sexualy activity at age 16. No abuse or disease(thank God!).
  • Adolesence 11-18yrs

    Cognitive: Small phase of adolesence egocentrisim, I had personal fables, and a small moment ivincibility fables.( Quickly got over that)Good inductive and inductive reasoning, lead to being goood at school. I could think analtically, but relied on instuitve thought. Attended secondary education and finished. Dealt with depression and cutting do to famiy troubles. Well on state tests, and applied to college.
  • Adolesence 11-18yrs

    Psycosocial: identity confusion on my role as a child and becoming an adult, as well as my place being half mexican and american. No gender confusion. Lots of bickering with my stepfather and siblings. Close family structure, open communication, support, connectedness, and control. Unique, own crowd and clique, no peer preassure. Sexual orientation curiosity, but faded. Clinically depressed, rumination added to depression. I was an adolesence-limited offender. Use of alcohol, minor use of drugs.
  • Emergining Adulthood 18-25yrs

    Biosocial: Activelife style, boxing, running, and yoga. Healthy nice homeostatis. Sexual activy with a partner, love without pregnancy. Modd disorder, depression and anxiety, but, active in handling it. Good eating habbits, and physically fit. Little alchol abuse, now handled. Extreme sports, cliff climbing,skydiving, and cliff diving.
  • Emerging Adulthood 18-25

    Cognitive:Good postformal thought, bad at time management.Subjective thought, influence as well by objective though, good balance. Sterotyped as white, entire family other then my bio-father Mexican, difficult sometimes. Major dialectical thought. Am Catholic, but not active. attend college, but haven't settled on career.
  • Late Adulthood 65+yrs

    Psychosocial Cont 2: Will have a dog in my old age, always had one will not stop. Slowly become frail,but will keep up activties, such as gardening and housework to slow the process. Health diet keeps me inshape. Do not want to be cared for by anothr, helped yes, but not fully cared for.
  • Late Adulthood 65+ yrs

    Cognitive: Memory excersises keep the brain sharp and prolonges the slowing doen process. The stroage of memory goes down, but,I keep a journal and write important events down. Pictures help a lot to remember as well. Hopefully no terminal decline. My grandmother has begining stages of dementia, my mother is to young to show signs so we will have to wait and see if it is genetic and if I am prone to having this disease as well. She has Lewy body dementia.
  • Emerging Adulthood 18-25yrs

    Psychosocial: Struggle with ethnic identity. Some self esteem problems, but over all comfortable in my own skin. Have male and female friendships. Not very active in social networking.(Perfer face to face interaction) Serious romatic relationship, cohabitation, and homogamy. Good communication, limited deman/withdraw interaction. Great linked lives, finacial support, and goals for the future. We work well together.
  • Adulthood 25-65yrs

    Biosocial: Hair rougher, dryer, I color it. Wrinkles set in, sun spots, dark circles/puffy eyes.(use creams) Slightly near sighted,healthy vital signs. Fertility good, struggled a little due to birthcontrol shots. No drug abuse, limited alcohol intake. Healthy weight, physically active(runner). Problem-focused coping, allostatic load, and weathering, stressed out. Don't want to get old, but hopefully I age well.
  • Adulthood 25-65yrs

    Cognitive: General intelligence very high, helps because I have fluid intelligence. Good balance of analytic intelligence and creative intelligenc, more analytic as well as good practical intelligence. Intuitve, strategic, and flexible. Great family skills as well as career. Expected to have kids by now.
  • Adulthood 25-65yrs

    Psychosocial: Will have a midlife cisis do to overthink ing and analyzing.Hopefully no divorce my partner now is very good at the big 5.Comfortable ecological niche.Strong family bond, familisim, family is everything. I'm the kinkeeper. Marriage(eventually), not going to deal well with an empty nest. Not good with change. Want biological and adoptive children. Nursing(hopefully) equal good benefits for all, extrinstic rewards of work.
  • Late Adulthood 65-99 yrs

    Biosocial:Don't want to age! Already have depression and anxiety, likelyhood of both will probably increase. Do not like ageisim adn do not want people to use elderspeak with me. Don't want to be a centrnarian to long to live. I have people in my family who have lived past 100! I perdict I will be a young-old, do to my good genes and healthy lifestyle. Not many diseases in my family, so I will more than likely face primary aging instead of secondary.
  • Late Adulthood 65+

    Biosocial Cont.: I do not wan to becoem frail and easily fall and become hurt. To help I take vitamins, especially vitamin D. You become slower and your reflects aren't good when your older so I try to do activites to keep me sharp. My average life xpentancy is high because of my genes, lifestyle, and enviroment .Eventually the wear and tear gets to everyone.I think I have a good gentic clock that will be ticking for awhile.
  • Late Adulthood 65+ yrs

    Cognitive Cont: Mental Illness does run in my family. I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety, with old age this may worsen. Expectation of needing medication to help cope with mental illness. I will reach self-actualization . Older I get the more time to work on art,gardening, and cooking. Life review will go well not many regrets. Wisdome and life experiences to share with children and grandchildren and maybe even great great grandchildren.
  • Late Adulthood 65+ yrs

    Psychosocial: Not excited for old age, want to maintain my dignity and integrity. Don't want to not be able to take care of myself. Not a horader, but feel that will change once I lose my husband. My husband is 11 years older and will likely leave before me. Believe in the activity theory to keep young stay active. Retire around 50, and travel with husband. Volunteer work with children, teaching. Stay in the same home and not move ever! Want to stay where I made a home for my family and me.
  • Late Adulthood 65+

    Psychosocial Cont: Aging inplace is my idea! No homes or retirement communites. If need be and my children can not handle me I will have a home nurse. More involved with my Catholic church. Long-term partnership with my husband married for 63 years! Have 5 children adn many grandchildren. Surrounded by younger generation keeps me young. Long term friendships and with that comes losses.
  • Death and Dying 99yrs

    Epilouge: Do not want to go before any of my children. I will have a living will. Will not die in a hospital, DNR! Will not be kept alive by machines. If I get a terminal disease I will be cared for at home. Believe in passive euthanasia, do not want to suffer. For physician-assisted suicide. Have a will and life insurance to cover death expenses. Believe in heavan where I will be reunited with my loved ones. Will enjoy every moment with loved ones so the grieving process will be easy.