• May 24, 1519

    holy emperor

    charles first of spain became the emperor charles fifth of holy roman empire
  • Itay

    The French Revolution
  • revolution

    French Revolution began
  • napoleon

    Napoleon declared him as the empire of Italy
  • war

    world war 1
  • war

    Italy enters world war1
  • world war

    The allies win world war 1
  • parties

    soppression of opposition parties
  • Ethiopia

    Italy invades Ethiopia in the mid 1935
  • bombing

    Bombing of Bolgia. killed 84 people killed
  • Roman Catholcish

    Roman Catholicish loses state religon
  • eathquake

    EathQuake strikes theUmbria religon. extaspensive damageto Basilica of St. Fancis. Four poeple re dead
  • Pope Leo

    Italy was invaded by Attila the Hun. dissuaded Attila from sacking Rome the person pope leo