Is It Still Cheating If I Dont Get Caught? by Bruce Weinstein Non-Fiction 181

  • Capter 1 Life Is Like A Whac-A-Mole Pages 1-12

    This chapter explains life is like a carnival game because it is exhilarating and unpredictable. A world without problems would be a dull place because problems make us stronger, better, and happier. Through problems the it is tough to do the tough ones. The game of life can be full of pitholes.
    12 pages.
  • Chapter 3 The Five Life Principals Pages 19-36

    The five Ethical Principals are do no harm, make things better, respect others, be fair, and be loving. These life principals are the foundation of your life. These provide basis for making the right desicion. Do no harm even when you feel they deserve it. Make things better for not only you but other people too. Respect others for what they do for you. Keep promises and tell the truth. Be fair to everyone equally and be loving.
    17 pages
  • Chapter 2 Ethics Pages 12-18

    Ethics is the right thing to do. An attemp to answer both What should I do and How should I do it. The Ethics should be fair to everyone. 3 myths are If it's legal, it's right and if it's illegal, it's wrong; If everyone is doing it, it must be right; and If it feels right it is right.
    6 Pages
  • Chapter 4 BFF Part 1 37-48

    If a rumor about a close friend is over heard do not tell your friend because it may cause harm and tell the trash talkers it is disrespectful. If you are given an object or delish, don't critic harshly just tell them what they could've done better. If you made a promise and for some reason have troubles keeping it, ask them if they understand and if the don't just keep it.
    11 pages.
  • Chapter 5 Winning On and Off the Field Pages 48-58

    Competion is hard to handle, and some cheat. It isn't right to take steroids because you are harming yourself and cheating the other team. Especially if an adult knows and does nothing it is not right. Also during sports, everyone should play because it isn't fair if some get to play more than others. Parents should not get involved with conflicts at their children's game. That isn't fair to the players.
    10 pages.
  • Chapter 6 Meet ups, Hook ups, and Break ups. 58-72

    While having a social network, you should not try and be someone else you should be yourself because that wouldn't be fair to yourself or anyone else including the picture of whom it was. Do not disobey laws because they were made to protect you. Even if it feels right you should not do something that is wrong to your society. Don't do something you aren't ready for, and don't feel pressured to do it. Make the smart choice.
    14 pages.
  • Chapter 7 Self Defense Pages 72-82

    Bullies aren't fair because they don't have respect for anyone not even themselves. The best way to handle this is for an adult to handle it so you don't get hurt. If you are feeling peer pressured walk away from it because you shouldn't have to do something you don't want to. If you ever feel you have too much stress tell teachers and adults to lay off to give you time to get better.
    10 pages
  • Chapter 8 Getting Tangled in the World Wide Web Pages 83-94

    Plegerism is out of the question you should never due this because it hurts you in the long run. You are trying to build your writing skills and by copying you are cheating the person who did the work too. Buying pirated movies is wrong because you are cheating all the people that put in work to make the movie. Like pirated movies downloading songs is unfair to all the people who put work in for the song because they dont get their pay.
    11 pages.
  • Chapter 8 "Gotcha!" Pages 95-108

    Ruining special for surprises for people is disrespectful to them and the person that made it for them. It is also disrespectful to copy answers. If someone is copying answers you should tell so you get credit and they get the credit they deserve. Cheating people out of their buisness is unfair also. They put work in to what they do and deserve pay.If a teacher gave the wrong grade by accident tell them to get whats deserved. Everything you do effects people so be respectful and fair.
    13 pages
  • Chapter 9 Bff Part 2 109-120

    Apologing isn't a sign of weakness but a sign that you know what you did wrong and plan to change next time. Never apologize to much or not enough because they either won't have a meaning or mean that you can't confess to what you did. If someone apologizes to you forgive them but help them understand the consequesnces next time.
    11 pages
  • Chapter 10 minimum wage Minimum work 120-129

    When you get a job you promises to do all work on time and they promise to pay you. If you break your promise then the whole thing is off. When you babysit you are caring for a child and need to pay so much attention. You should give your undivided attention. When you see someone disobey rules you should tell someone because they aren't being fair to everyone else.
    9 pages
  • -Chapter 11 Good Neighbors 129-142

    Never take something you aren't given. If you look smaller then you are, pay full price at the movies because it's not fair to the people who put the movie together.When you are contagiously sick you should stay home because it's not fair to everyone else if you get them sick.
    13 pages
  • Chapter 11 All About You 143-181

    When you opverwhelm yourself with activities and school work you are not being fair to yourself. Make sure you have time to eat healthy and exercize. Never steal anything whether it is $1 or $10,000. If you were to steal it is never too late to apologize and give it back. That is the right thing to do and to understand what you did wrong. Cheating is always cheating even if you don't get caught.