Inventions from the Industrial Revolution

  • Thames Severn Canal

    The Thames Severn Canal is a canal in Gloucestershire, it was use as a canal route from Bristol to London. It was a vital part of the Industrial Revolution because it was an alternative to the horse and cart.
  • Steam Locomotive

    A steam locomotive is an engine that pulls trains along. They are fuelled by flammable materials e.g. oil wood or coal to produce steam.
  • Elevator Brake

    Elisha Otis invented the elevator safety brake which made the building of skyscrapers possible. He did not invent the first elevator, however he invented the brake, which is a safety device to prevent falling in case a support cable would break. The elevator brake gave the public more confident in elevators.
  • The Telephone

    The telephone was made by Alexander Graham Bell and allowed for long distance communication via telegraph. It is helpful because it makes communicating faster, cheaper and easier.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge

    The Brooklyn Bridge was invented and built by John and Washington Roebling. It connected Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was the longest suspension at the time. It was the most advanced bridge of the time because it was the first bridge that used steel for it's cables.