infects at the top

Timeline created by Ramon Poncell Solano
  • Pandemic's birthday

    Pandemic was born in New york the 14th of June 2005
  • infected's birthday

    Infectet was born in New york at 5th agust 2005
  • Plague's birthday

    Plague was born in Seattle the 13th of October 2005.
  • Covid-19 birthday

    Covid-19 was born in Madrid the 30th of December 2005
  • How we met

    We met in a school videoconference.
  • The first day we met in person

    At the end of the pandemic we met all together in a restaurant
  • The first time that the band practiced all together

    We met all together in Plague's house to make new songs. and we pased time all thogether and had fun. We made a lots of things all together.
  • The first song we uploded

    When we uploded the song we were very nervous.
  • The best concert ever.

    The best concert we did was in California the 25th of May of 2022. There was a lot of people, we were very nervous.