Infant Timeline

  • 1-3 months

    1-3 months
    Fine Motor- Keeps hands fisted or slightly open

    Gross-Does not control body movements
    Emotional- Shows affection by looking at a person while kicking, waving arms, and smiling.
    Social- looks at a person alertly and directly. Prefers to look at people over objects.
    Cognitive- Listens attentively to sounds and voices
  • 4 months

    4 months
    Fine Motor- Looks from object to hands to object
    Gross- On tummy, may roll from side to side
    Emotional- becomes unresponsive if left alone most of waking hours
    Social- Enjoys social aspects of feeing time
    Cognitive- makes first consonant sound
  • 5-6 months

    5-6 months
    Fine Motor- Transfers objects from one hand to the other, dropping objects often
    Gross- On tummy, moves by pushing with legs and reaching with arms.
    Emotional- May begin to show fearful behavior as separateness is felt
    Social- Smiles at familiar faces and stares solemnly at strangers
    Cognitive-can recognize people by their voices
  • 7 - 8 months

    7 - 8 months
    Fine Motor- Learns pincer grasp, using just the thumb and forefinger
    Gross- Crawls
    Emotional- Begins to have a sense of humor
    Social- Definitely prefers caregiver to strangers
    Cognitive- May say “mama” or “dada” but does not connect words with parents
  • 9 months

    9 months
    Fine Motor- Uses index fingers to point, lead, and poke
    Gross-May try to crawl up stairs
    Emotional- May show fear of heights
    Social- performs for others, respects act if applauded
    Cognitive- Responds appropriately to a few specific words
  • 10 months

    10 months
    Fine Motor- Can release grasped object instead of dropping it
    Gross- Like to walk holding caregiver’s hands
    Emotional- Expresses delights, happiness, sadness, discomfort, and anger
    Social- Is more aware of and sensitive to other children
    Cognitive- likes to look at pictures in a book
  • 11 months

    11 months
    Fine Motor- May carry spoon to mouth in feeding attempt
    Gross- Stands alone
    Emotional- Recognizes the difference between being good and being naughty
    Social- Likes to say “no” and shake head to get response from a caregiver
    Cognitive- Speaks first recognizable word
  • 12 months

    12 months
    Fine Motor- May show preference for one hand
    Gross- Climbs up and down stairs
    Emotional- Shows increased negativism. May have tantrums
    Social- like to practice communication with adults
    Cognitive- Begins to find familiar objects that are not in view but have permanent locations