Infancy to Todderlhood Age 2

  • Birth to 2 years

    Biosocial: At 5:37 on March 20, 1954, I am born, the youngest of 11 children, and I am born by C-section. I am 9 pounds 14 ounces and they named me April.
    Cognitive: It was clear that I liked music and I learned to read words very early on.
    Psychosocial: I learned interaction since I was the baby of a large family and I learned sharing early on as well.
  • Period: to

    Birth to Todderlhood Age 2

  • Period: to

    Ages 2 to 6 Early Childhood

    Biosocial: I had fine motor skills early on instead of athletic skills. I could draw and print already.
    Cognitive: I loved kindergarden. I drew and painted and was very good with art. I was a good reader already at age 5.
    Psychosocial: I did not think outside of my home life that much yet. I did not seek out others company either at this time yet.
  • Period: to

    7 to 9 years Middle Childhood

    Biosocial: I am able to swing and jump rope. I can run very fast.
    Cognitive: I am very good with reading and English.

    Psychosocial: I meet my best friend. She is still my best friend 50 years later. It is a happy time and I am very social at thist ime. I am also confident in school.
  • Period: to

    10 to 12 years Late Childhood

    Biosocial: Had crushes on boys. Realizing what I liked already.
    Cognitive: Still very good in English and spelling. Not so great in Math.

    Psychosocial: My best friend moved away but we kept in touch. We moved from the city to a rural area. I went to Catholic school. Things changed rapidly. My family also moved away at this point, so I was alone with my older parents who were not around very much anymore. I now was growing shyer and less sure of myself. I was not in any group.
  • Period: to

    13 to 15 Early Adolescence

    Biosocial: I did have a growth spurt and I developed rapidly too.
    Cognitive: Ability to understand and emphathize was present. Getting worse at Math and no help. Excelling in words still.
    Psychosocial: I felt no pressure to conform nor did I. I was aware of gender differences, but did not date or seek that out.
  • Period: to

    16 to 19 Late Adolescence

    Biosocial: Appearance became more important.
    Cognitive: Struggled in Algebra.
    Psychosocial: My father died in 1970. Totally changed me. My best friend got married at 17 totally changed me. I went into the convent at age 17 but left at age 18 and finished school. I was just emotionally lost age 18 through 19. In 1973 I met the man I would marry soon after.
  • Period: to

    20 to 40 years Early Adulthood

    Biosocial: I worked out and I worked long hours as a waitress so I was in good shape.
    Cognitive: I was working and learning about organization, responsibilty, getting along.
    Psychosocial: I could not figure out how to take care of myself and was staying with friends all the time. I met the man I was to marry and that changed everything. I divorced him and then remarried in later years. In between, I was lost again, but I was having experiences with others and having ups and downs.
  • Period: to

    41 to 65 Adulthood

    Biosocial: I was working out regularly and looked younger than I did when I was young.
    Cognitive: I was working as a medical transcriptionist.
    Psychosocial: I had a beautiful daughter 01/25/1995. We moved into a beautiful home. I was raising 2 stepsons also. Life was extremely busy!! I was very happy being in a family and loved cooking, working, taking care of everyone, and having a baby of my own.
  • Period: to

    65 + Aging Adult

    Biosocial: I will be active and a social worker working every day. I will probably have some physical decline although I will be avoiding that by still walking and eating right.
    Cognitive: I will be working all the time so hopefully my brain will be active.
    Psychosocial: Hopefully, I will have been a good mother and a great grandmother. I hope I will be independent and nobody will have to take care of me.
  • Period: to

    Death and Dying

    According to my expectancy chart I should live to 80 years. I do not think this is so, but if it is I hope I have lived well and loved much. I hope I will be remembered as kind and generous spirited. I hope I made people laugh. I hope nobody has to take care of me beoere I go. I hope I will be remembered as kind and I hope I made a difference in society in some way.