Industrial Revolution

  • Richard Arkwright

    Richard Arkwright
    Richard Arkwright was an English inventor who also worked in a factory making wigs for people. Arkwright was most well known for his invention of a water frame which was able to produce cotton by spinning it.
  • James Watt

    James Watt
    James Watt was an inventor, chemist, and engineer. He was most famous for his invention of the steam engine in 1776 which was an improved version of one already invented. Watt was Scottish and although he had a rough childhood he grew up to be very successful.
  • Thomas Malthus

    Thomas Malthus
    Thomas Malthus was an English economist and demographer. He came up with the theory that population growth will always tend to outrun the food supply. He was very well known for this theory of his and he concluded from his thinking that there needed to be a limit on reproduction.
  • Spinning Jenny

    Spinning Jenny
    James Hargreaves invented the spinning Jenny. This was important because now you could spin up to eight threads at one time. It took Hargreaves eight years to invent this but it made things much easier.
  • George Stephenson

    George Stephenson
    George Stephenson was an English inventor and engineer. He invented the railroad locomotive. Because of this successful invention he was referred to as the "father of the railways"
  • Socialism

    Socialism came about as a response to the social and economic states during the industrial revolution. Socialism was able to make things more fair for people such as the pay that they would recieve or even the skills that their job required. Socialism also allowed for property owned by the common people.
  • Karl Marx

    Karl Marx
    Karl Marx was many things ranging from a social philosopher to a journalist. He studied both law and philosophy at two different universities. He was best known for his theory that human societies develop solely because of conflict between social classes.
  • Communism

    Communism grew out of a socialist movement in the 1800s. Many people, having nothing else to blame their problems on would blame communism. It led to harsh working conditions for some while others got to do nothing.
  • Dynamo

    The invention of dynamo greatly improved the production of electricity. Werner siemens and Charles Wheatstone invented it in 1867. When they announced it to the Berlin academy it became a large success.
  • Social Gospel

    Social Gospel
    This is a Christian idea about the kingdom of god. It made sure that people went along with the reforms of the church. It used christian ethics and tried to apply them to everyone.
  • Automobile

    The automobile did not just have one inventor in fact it had many people that contributed to it. The first automobile was known as a vehicle powered by a gas engine. Designs had been made long before it was put together but then as soon as it was discovered it changed the world forever.
  • Social Darwinism

    Social Darwinism
    This is the theory that humans are going to go through the same laws of nature that Darwin saw in animals and nature. Darwin also believed in survival of the fittest which is one of his main ideas. Many people respect Darwin's ideas and think they are true.
  • Airplane

    Airplanes are important for the transfer of goods and people from one place to another. The first one was invented by the Wright brothers in 1903. They were not the ones who came up with the idea but they were the ones who perfected it and made the first successful one.
  • Assembly Line

    Assembly Line
    Henry Ford invented the assembly line to increase the speed in which his automobiles could be produced. This change increased the production time of his cars by almost 11 hours. The assembly line is when each person is in charge of one part which would allow for them to specialize in one area so not only was speed increased, so was quality.
  • Social Democracy

    Social Democracy
    Social democracy is a government system like socialism which believes that the people should also get some say. Many countries actually believe this. Although they are similar there are some major differences between socialism and social democracy.