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Important People

By Fluxist
  • Marcel Kates is born!

    Marcel Kates is born!
    Some where in Indonesia.
  • Nancy Kates is born!

    Nancy Kates is born!
    In Minnesota.
  • Laura Lundberg is born!

    Laura Lundberg is born!
    In Minnesota, I think.
  • Elizabeth (Riz) Lundberg is born!

    Elizabeth (Riz) Lundberg is born!
  • Becky Kates is born!

    Becky Kates is born!
  • I was born!

    I was born!
    Nashua, NH at 10:44pm. 16 more minutes of gestation and my birthdate would be 7/7/77.
  • Meet Katie in nursery school!

    Katie was my high school girlfriend. We went to nursery school in Groton, MA. I remember the stained glass windows in the classroom. She grew up a half mile from me and her parents still live there.
  • Meet Dan St. Louis!

    Meet Dan St. Louis!
    Dan is my oldest friend. It's been a couple of years since we've been in regular touch. We started playing music in 8h grade and kept some kind of band going until we graduated from high school. In kindergarten I remember holding hands with him at circle and Ms. Cover saying, "You really like each other, huh?"
  • "Reunite" with Katie.

    We were in 3rd grade together.
  • First "girlfriend" - Suprise! It's Katie.

    First "girlfriend" - Suprise! It's Katie.
    She and her friend Maggie left me a note that said, "Will you go out with one of us? Check the box next to the name of the one you want to go out with." I was too nice to do this. Some time late I "asked Katie out" one on one.
  • Allison.

    We were together for 6 or 8 months - I know it was a round number. Lost my virginity, got physically and emotionally abused, had serious thoughts about killing myself, was glad to survive 7th grade.
  • Meet Dave Kilpatrick!

    Meet Dave Kilpatrick!
    Dave and I both joined the high school marching band the summer before our 8th grade years. He lived in Townsend so we went to different middle schools. The high school was regional - Pepperell, Townsend and Ashby all fed into it. We also went to NYU together. He and I lived together for two years and would have continued to do so if I hadn't moved in with Sarah 1.0. Dave and I are still good friends. He lives in DC now and works at the Kennedy Center in children's theater.
  • Period: to


    Katie and I got together in January of our freshmen year and stayed together until we left for college. And then got back together in December of freshmen year for a few days - that ended badly for me.
  • Meet Christopher Forgues!

    Meet Christopher Forgues!
    Another friend I met in marching band. Reminder: he lives in Providence now. We were in lots of bad bands together. And maybe one good one. I thought he was a real loser when I met him.
  • Meet Ari & Tim!

    Meet Ari & Tim!
    Ari & Tim lived on my floor freshmen year. Tim had a mohawk back then & I thought Ari was a dumb jock. Tim is working on his PhD in education at Hardvard and Ari (who is way smarter than me) is working in his PhD in plant biology.
  • Meet Joe!

    Meet Joe!
    Joe was a friend of a friend at NYU when we met. He is moving here shortly with his wife and kids. His PhD in political theory came from Yale. He has a tenure track position at PSU. I'm substantially behind my college friends in education but way out in front of them in terms of career.
  • Meet Chris Jensen!

    Meet Chris Jensen!
    This is a real guess as to when we met. I knew about his record label (Mountain) from Christopher because Jensen released a split LP by Coleman and 3 Studies for a Crucifixion which totally melted our minds. Jensen and I met at a show when he was handing out flyers to get people interested in turning Mountain into a collective. I went to that first meeting and ended up running Mountain years later. We were also in Countdown to Putsch together and lived a few blocks from each other in LIC.
  • Meet Alex!

    Meet Alex!
    Alex came to the first Mountain Collective meeting. It took us a long time to become friends. We lived together for a year in the South Bronx. He would have been the officiant of my wedding if he hadn't dropped out of my life. We've just reconnected for the first time in 6 years this summer.
  • Meet Rich Opalsky!

    Meet Rich Opalsky!
    Rich was in a band called The Judas Iscariot and working on his PhD in philosophy (later switching to political theory) at the New School. Mountain released a 7" by Judas that was amazing. Christopher and I saw them play a show in Manchester New Hampshire. Rich was in CTP and Fire&Flux with me. He lives in Springfield, IL and works at the Univeristy of IL. I haven't gotten a chance to see him since 2007.
  • Period: to

    Sarah (1.0) Sajdak

    She was working in the lobby of the Greenwich Hotel where I was living sophomore year. We got together around December of that year. We moved to Long Island City that summer and lived together sort of accidently. I told her I couldn't live with her anymore in May of 2000 or so. We both moved to Brooklyn. We broke up in Italy when we were visiting Ari in February of 2001. I think she's married to a woman now.
  • Meet Sara (2.0) Tretter!

    We were in a short story writig class at NYU. We were assigned to write letters to each other in response to the stories we told in class and just kept writing. We would hang out at the Jones Diner in Astor Place and talk about our crappy relationships. She left NYU after her sophomore year, thought about going to Smith and ended up coming back to NYC to go to CCNY.
  • Period: to


    Sarah and I started seeing other people in the winter of 2000-2001. I went on one date with Sara and then went to Italy with Sarah. When I got back from Italy, Sara and I started seeing each other seriously. Multiple break ups, getting married, moving across the country, divorce.
  • Meet John Niekrasz & Heather Mackenzie!

    Meet John Niekrasz & Heather Mackenzie!
    John and I moved to Portland at almost the same time. He put an add on Craigslist looking for musicians play with. I responded. We played music. He's been in Fly!Fly!Fly!Fly!Fly!, Thicket, The Naked Future, Wash Me, Feed Me Date Me & Barges with me.
  • Meet Whitney Hessong!

    Meet Whitney Hessong!
    Whitney was the only behavior consultant in GBSD when I started. She helped create the program I was working in at the time. Sometime towards the end of the 07-08 school year she told me she was going on maternity leave so I floated the idea to her that I take over. A couple of weeks later I got called in to the district office and offerred the job. It was temporary at the time and made permanent at the end of the year. Now we carpool and shit talk the whole way. Also, free therapy.
  • Meet Brian Mumford!

    Meet Brian Mumford!
    We decided to add Brian to Thicket so we could tour. (It's easier for people to categorize us when there's a guitar in the band.) I hadn't met or played with him before deciding to do this. It worked nonetheless.
  • Meet Marisa!

    Meet Marisa!
    Get drunk and tell her about your divorce. Be awkward and tentative. Decide to spend as much time as possible together. Feel like you're becoming yourself again. Think about her all the time. Wonder why she likes you. Try not to think about it too much. Good luck with that. Remind yourself how long it will be until you get to see her again every night when you're falling asleep. Never admit that because it's embarrassing.