Important Inventions in Industrial Revolution (Javondii M.)

  • Seed Drill

    The seed drill was invented! It was invented by Jethro Tull. The seed drill is a sowing machind that places seeds in the soil and helps cover them by placing dirt.This helped increse food production since the seed drill is more quicker than by hand.
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  • Spinning Jenny

    James Hargreaves, invents the spinning jenny. The machine spins more than one thread at a time, making it faster to make clothing. This help decrease the need for workers required to make the thread and made it much efficient and more quicker.
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  • A better steam Engine

    James Watt designs a better working steam engine. It is still one of the most important inventions of the Industrial Revolution.Steam power was used to power trains and other electircal appliances.
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  • Power Loom

    A loom was inveted by Edmund Cartwright. This version was better than most methods because it was powered by steam. This was more efficient and made making cloth quicker.
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  • Eli and Cotton

    Eli Whitney invents a machine that's more efficient to separate cotton seeds from a piece of cotton fiber. This help reduce the time needed to complete this task by hand decrease greatly and helped with cotton production.
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  • Steamboat

    Robert Fulton made the first steam-powered engine to power a steamboat,.aHis steamboat was able to carry raw materials more efficiently and better than on-foot traveling.
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    The first steam powered locomotive was built. It made it easier to trasnport goods in and out. This helped increase trade and brought in more wealth to the country. The rocket was created by Robert Stephenson
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