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Important inventions from the 20th century

By geek3.8
  • radio

    The radio was developed by a guy named Guglielmo Marconi. The radio is very important because we can comunicate with people around the globe and prupose peace or just say,"hi"
  • Crayola Crayons

    Crayola Crayons
    The inventors are Edwin Binney and C. harold smith. I think this was important because Children would be so bored. They would have to make dolls instead of drawing.
  • first airplane

    first airplane
    Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first sucsessful flight in 1903. They failed many times before sucssessfully flying their plane. It was Important, because it changed our way to travel. People travel on airplanes everyday. We take advantage of our technology but we should live a day without just the airplane.
  • Model T

    Model T
    <ahref='http://inventors.about.com/od/fstartinventors/a/HenryFord.htm' >Henry Ford Biography</a> The inventor of the Model T automobile is Henry Ford. He was born July 30, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan.
    The invention changed society by maybe transporting sick people to the hospital and helping us to be able to move. Before MOdel T was created, if you were sick, you would either die or suffer extreme pain. Now all we have to do is get in your car and drive to the hospital.
  • Zipper

    The inventors of the zipper are Whitcomb Judson and Gideon Sundback.
    The way the zipper changed our lives was by abling us to zip up our coats so we don't have to create buttons and sew it in. It keeps us warmer because the draft goes through the spaces of the buttons but there is no holes in the zipper.
  • Helicopter

    In the 15th century, Lenardo Da Vinci disigned the helicopter but we didn't build ti till 1924. The person who actually build the fist helicopter was Igor sikorsky. The impact on society was it improved the way we thought. Back then, we didn't know a spiral could fly.
  • Iron lung

    Iron lung
    John Mayow is the creater of this great invention! The reason this was invented was because of the polio virus. In the 1900's, 1932-1955 The polio virus hit. Polio is a disese that parylizes people who get it after they're 4 years of age. Sometimes the cases were so bad that you couldn't move even your lungs. That was when you had to go in the Iron lung. The Iron lung would extract pressure thus abling you to breath.

    (citation cloming soon)
  • Jet engine

    Jet engine
    DR. Hans Von OHain and Sir Frank Whittle were co-inventors for the jet enging in 1936-1941. Each not aware of the others work. Sir Frank Whittle was the first to get his design patentd, but DR. Hans Von Ohain was the first to fly his design.
    The way the jet engine put an impact on society was if we wanted to get to a far away place sooner, we would have to go on a plane, but todays technology shows we can get there almost twice as fast as a plane, because of the jet engine.
  • ballpoint pen

    ballpoint pen
    The inventors of the ballpoint pen were Laszlo Biro. Many people focused on the bigger inventions such as the model T. The it was important because If we didn't have it we would've been still writing with feather and ink. We also save lots of ink.
  • bullet train

    bullet train
    The bullet train was invented by Hideo Shima. The first bullet train could go 170 mph. In japan, it is like the airplane here in america, because it would take you to the place you wanted to go faster and its expensive.
    It changed our lives, because i think that the bullet train inspired new Ideas and inventions. The bullet train is commonly used in Japan, today, the bullet train can go up to 200 mph.