Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific

By hparra
  • Period: to

    Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific

  • Period: to

    Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific

  • Panama Independence

    Panama gains independence.
  • A Japanese squadron enters chemulpo harbor and briefly exchanges fire with a Russian warship. The Russo-Japanese war is underway.

  • Japanese troops occupy Seoul

  • Japan declares war on Russia

  • The U.S proclaims neutrality as regards to the Russian-Japanese war

  • Japanese destroyers launch a torpedo attackon Port Arthur

  • Construction of Panama Canal begins

    The Panama canal begins construction. This takes tem years to complete.
  • Treaty of Portsmouth (ends Russo-Japanese War)

  • The Japan–Korea Treaty of 1905

  • Japan makes Korea a formal colony.

  • The Panama Canal's construction is completed

    The construction is complete for the Panama Canal.
  • WWI begins. Japan fights on the side of Great Britain &the USA. They use this time to greatly expand theireconomy & trade in Asia.

  • Panama Canal is opened for traffic

    The panama canal is opened to the public.
  • Russian Revolution. Japanese take some of Russia's Eastern Siberian territory.