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  • Begining of Imperialism

    Begining of Imperialism
    imperialism, the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.
  • Period: to

    new Pan American relationships are created

    Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines become part of the United States; new Pan American relationships are created; and the telegraph accelerates diplomatic communication.
  • Secretary of State William Steward

    Secretary of State William Steward
    he arranged for the United States to buy Alaska from the Russians for $7.2 million Somet hought it was a silly idea and called it “Stewards Ice box”
  • The United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom
    continued to be the world's primary industrial power, but her share of world manufacturing production was already falling before the conflict of global decline.
  • Period: to

    The recovery of of alsace-lorraine

  • join European nation

    join European nation
    many American leaders feltt he U.S. should join European nations and establishc olonies over seas Thus began America’s foray into Imperialism

    president McKinley ordered the U.S.S. Maine to Cuba in order to bring home American citizens in danger
  • forgien influence in china

    forgien influence in china
    John Hay,U.S.Secretary of State, issued the Open Door Policy which outlined his plan for free trade among nations in China
  • independence of cuba

    independence of cuba
    The U.S and Spain signed an armistice on August 12, 1898, end in Secretary of State John Hay called “a splendid little war” The war lasted only 16 weeks Cuba was now independent
  • British empire extended over five continents

    British empire extended over five continents
  • agreement with cuba

    agreement with cuba
    The U.S signed an agreement with Cuba known as the Platt Amendment 1903 Key features of “Platt” included the right of the U.S. to maintain navalstations on the island and the right to intervene in Cuban affairs
  • Dutch take control

    Dutch take control
    The Dutch puts down the rebellion of Flores, taking all control.
    The Dutch began to colonize southwest Asia and the islands in that area.
  • Franz Ferdinand assasinated

    Franz Ferdinand assasinated
    Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip murdered archduke Franz Ferdinand,the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. ferdinand, marred to Sophie Chotek von Chotvoka became unpopular in his home country because he said that he wanted to change things when he became emperor.