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  • Born

    My name is Phebe Martin. On the 18th October I was born in Tonbridge Castle, England.
  • Period: to


  • Travelling to Ellis island with Parents

    I travelled to Ellis island with my parents, David and Emily at the age of 9. We have a cart of our belongings, clothes, food, and all of our goods from house.
  • Travelling to Oregon to find

    We travel to Oregon to find land and it takes us a week on a train. We are hoping that there will be castles and luxuries to live.
  • No land, no minorities

    When we arrive in Oregon we find that there are no minorities and no towns that will allow us. We have searched all over Oregon to find a castle to live in but we have had no luck, we have been told there is land in California and talk that the goverment are making the homestead act that allows us to have 160 acres free land, so we have to walk to California.
  • travelling to California

    We are on our way to California and it is my Mums birthday. we usually celebrate with lots of partys and food but we are on the road and we dont ahve a house or a lot of food to share, so we are going to celebrate when we get home.
  • Getting lost

    As we were travelling to California, we seemed to get lost and are heading completly the worng way. We dont know where we are and we have been told to head south but we seem to be groing round and round in circles.
  • Meeting Toby

    As we were heading to California we met a boy called Toby. He was also from Great Britain had had lost his family on the road, he said he was around 15 years ole but looked around 18, we told him he could come a stay with us until he finds his family.
  • My 21st birthday

    Its my 21st birthday and im so excited that were in California and all we need to do is find a castle to live in and a shop or some land to make money from.
  • The homestead act

    The homestead act has been inforced and we are looking for some land that we can buy and grow crops on. We are going to try and get some poeple to do our work for us, as we will br hands dirtye far ro busy to work and we dont want to get our hands dirty.
  • Living in a new world

    After 2 years on working on the farm and living like I would if I hadn't in great britian. Iv'e learnt how to become a better person and I love living here. Iv'e made friends and even though Toby is still living with us he's part of the family now and we treat eachother like brother and sister.
  • Trying to find a house. Problem

    When we had gained our land we tried to find a castle that would live in near our land. We have been told that we are not allowed to have peope work for us, which is unfair becasue I refuse to get my hands dirty. Its grose and cold and I hate doing work. We have to build our own house to live in and me and toby have to sleep in the same room which is discusting and im not sure how im going to live.