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    Seul-Kee Choi

  • Choi Seul-Kee was born

    Seul-Kee choi was born in Seoul, South Korea. I was born inside of my parents Bae, and June's barn. I was born 6lbs, 7oz. And i am the youngest child out of two.l My older brothers name is Wing Wing.
  • Seul-Kee's father Bae passes from lung cancer

    Bae was one of the most healthiest men alive. He never smoked a day in his life, and he always ate right, His passing was quite sudden because he never told his wife, or his children about his condition.
  • Seul-Kee goes to America to own a rice importing factory with her brother Wing Wing

  • Seul-Kee finally graduates Buisness and Importing school

    Buisness, and importing school took me four years to graduate. But while i was studying there i met my fiance Hoon, and i got to learn all of the difficulties of owning a factory.
  • Seul-Kee meets her fiance Yeo Hoon Min

    Hoon is a Korean immigrant also who comes from a wealthier family and also went to Buisness school. We met at the Buisness school that we both went to, and we became great friends. During our fourth year he proposed to me and told me that we could both go to California with my Brother and open our rice importing factory.
  • Seul-Kee, Wing Wing, and Hoon all travel to California and open their rice importing factory

    Our rice factory is located in the Bay area of California, and we import rice from South Korea, China, and Japan and we sell all types of rice including Jasmine, Brown, medium grain, short grain, and even long grain rice