IGP's in 2012-13

By llmg
  • Individual Growth Plan Training

    Individual Growth Plan Training
    Today we will explain what IGP's are and how they will be structured at Pleasant Run.
  • Evaluations Begin

    Evaluations Begin
    No need to be nervous! Everyone will receive their first anounced evaluation during this window. All TAP participants on the campus will be working on an area of growth with their evaluators all year. At each evaluation you might change, adapt, or keep your plan.
  • Period: to

    First Observation Window

    Everyone will receive their first anounced evaluation during this window. If you are new to the campus, this will be a practice evaluation.
  • Period: to

    IGP Support

    At your post conference, you and your observer will discuss your areas of Refinement and Reinforcement. Your observer will discuss with you ways in which TLT can support you in your area of Refinement. You and your observer will also set follow-up dates and times for things such as Observations, Modeling, Co-Teaching, Planning and/or Debriefing. This period could last through to your next observation.
  • Let's see an example

    Let's see an example
  • Lynne's Post Conference

    Lynne's Post Conference
    At my post conference, my evaluator and I decide that my area of reinforcement is Instructional Planning - specifically setting measurable and explicit goals. This in turn links to Standards and Objectives: "Objectives are clearly communicated and linked to prior learning". We set a date to meet again to plan for next week.
  • Planning Meeting

    Planning Meeting
    Since I need to be ready to meet with my team Thursday, my evaluator and I meet Tuesday. We quickly review Backward Design, and discuss ways to make my Math objective specific and measurable and how I will clearly communicate that to my students. My evaluator offers to model making the objective clear, but now that I've written a clear one, I think I've got it. We decide that my evaluator will co-teach, observing and only stepping in if I need it.
  • Lesson Observation

    Lesson Observation
    My evaluator observes the lesson, and we will meet on my conference period tomorrow to debrief.
  • Debrief

    My evaluator and I discuss the lesson. We both agree that the objective was clear and measurable, and that the students understood it. What's more, because they understood the objective better, more of them were successful on the lesson, judging by the exit tickets. I share next week's objectives, and my evaluator agrees to check with me at the end of next week to see whether the clearer objectives are continuing to improve performance based on exit tickets.
  • Period: to

    2nd Evaluation Window

    Your second evaluation will occur during this window and may be either announced or unannounced. After your second evaluation, you and your observer will discuss revising or continuing your area of growth for your IGP.
  • Check-in

    Exit tickets are still looking good. My evaluator and I agree to continue touching base between now and my next evaluation on a biweekly basis.