Ida's Timeline Diary

  • Free write subway story

    Free wrote about the subway hero
  • Interview

    Peace corps volunteer interviewed from costa rica
  • Choosing my Hero

    Checked out an autobiography at the library on my hero,Chris Gardner
  • Waiting on the world to change music video

    Watched John Mayer's "waiting on the world to change"
  • "Change the World" power point

    Watched a "change the world" powerpoint
  • First Blog due

    Chose my subject through showing what a hero is to me.
  • Dear

    Drop everything and read "the pursuit of happiness"
  • 2nd blog due

    Heroes in literature quiz grade!I wrote about what a hero meant to me and who my current heros are.
  • Share something from biography

    Shared something from my book about how much an education is important.
  • Poetry

    Worked on poetry and learned about devices